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Without a doubt: CockJugglingThunderCunt


3 points

"They are not concerned with journalistic integrity"

They are displaying more journalistic integrity by not wanting to show what is effectively propaganda.

0 points

Nah it's not a pride thing, imagine if every state in the US simply called itself the "US"?

1 point

"Pulling your own weight does not mean providing for the lazy asses of society." No it doesn't, but you appear to want to stop paying for those that do need providing for because of those that abuse the system, rather than fix the problem.

"People think that their needs constitute a right." Who are these people? I've never met someone who didn't genuinely deserve help who thought they had a right to benefits. Those benefit frauds I have known are all scum suckers who would rather keep their heads down and carry on abusing the system than risk rocking the boat.

1 point

"pull their own weight" you mean like actually helping society in general? Like paying taxes which in turn is distributed to help those less fortunate; like those that need it?

1 point

Have you ever thought that the people are willing to pay extra for it? And like I said, if you stopped funding the military you'd be able to pay for it and get money back.

1 point

Sorry who claims it's a free society? Your idea of a free society wouldn't actually be a society would it?

1 point

Pointless war, un-winnable. But we shouldn't begin pulling out until the country has at least stabilised, it would only make things worse upsetting the balance of power so suddenly, especially after upsetting it so much going in there in the first place.

1 point

Destroyed was the wrong word, when this universe returns to its theoretical "at" big bang state.

1 point

Excellent posts btw, but, and I fear I may be wrong on this, if the universe and time are destroyed then we will not only not exist we will also have never existed. So once we reach the stage that the universe never existed there's no reason to think that it would exist again.

Winning Position: Dagger to the divine heart

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"Er... stupid haircut..."

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Name: Bob Davies
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist
Education: College Grad

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