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RSS Pickler

Reward Points:32
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Tf is this bro? Get a job u bum.

Its better. Than everything.

1 point

none of you fools comprehend my wrath as it comes

I'll shit on the moon and wipe my fucking ass with the sun

when my rap has begun

every partisan hack is expunged

I redacted your dumb

statements by collapsin your lung

the mass of the sum

of raps that I spat have your tongue

like a cat, but instead of just catchin' it

he shoved it between two neutron stars, then he collapsed them, bitch

I've got brain cells

that contain hell

I'm like a warlock cause' I spit flame spells

that may melt grenade shells

I'll rip your rectum out of your pants

no second chance or recompense

cause' my as of yet unmet demands

change by the second-hand

in other words you don't want smoke...but thats what you're gettin' man

your punchlines are like a man on mars, their yet to land

my rhymes are too dope

to come through any other dudes throat

you choked the second you spoke

trying to emulate obtuse notes

the way I do, hoe you fucking use flows

more primitive the language on sumerian tombstones

its called kuneiform

but I call you an actor in a gay porn

I turn sonic wave forms into rain storms

I make war

I might have sex with a tapeworm

masturbate and ejaculate scorn

1 point

I am going to remove your butt hole from your pants and staple it to your forehead. Then I'm going to turn your dick inside out so it can be used as a vagina. Then I am going to hit you with a bagel.

1 point

I am going to rape you in the ass with a spoon full of codeine for saying Excon is a contributor. Excon is a stupid gay person who does gay things and plays with his butt hole.

pickler(32) Clarified
1 point

That's because even Fox News won't publi

I am going to shove a banana up your banana hole and skin 50 bananas and then send you down a tube full of banana skins.

pickler(32) Clarified
1 point

You're such a dimwitted confederate bootlegger.

I am going to staple your butthole shut and redirect your intestinal tract so that you poop out of your dick. Then I am gong to implant mammary glands into you and bring you to a farm so that you can breast feed piglets and calphs. Then I am going to rub flammable wax on your buttocks, set them on fire, and make you run through an obstacle course naked. Then I am going to peel back your finger nails so they stand up vertically and hit them with a hammer. Then I am going to put you in a wagon full of mayonaise and pull you on an electric scooter.

1 point

My cognitive ability is more like a Vulcan.

You mean to say your skull is more dense than a 3 million year old layer of volcanic rock which has long since cooled after being formed by a once highly active volcano.

1 point

Who said i was a drinker

I am going to force you to butt chug a bottle of Putin's favorite vodka.

1 point

You are so stupid nobody except me even bothers talking to you.

You are so stupid that you just proved my point about how you pointlessly spend your time trying to reason with retards. The only one who you have consistently ignored was me because you know I am smart enough to both destroy you and learn from you when the time calls for it and you aren't interested in learning or teaching, only being mean to people and trying to look intelligent in comparison to the other retards on this site.

Displaying 4 most recent debates.

Winning Position: you are all worthless retards and I'm a god-tier genius
Winning Position: Nom is addicted to Create Debate and is still here trying to convince the same 3 people
Winning Position: Anyone who still regularly uses this site has no life

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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