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I feel fine when my kids are in dressing rooms with other kids of the same sex. I use my brain when it comes to such matters.

When you say you 'use your brain' do you mean that you're going on your instinctual reactions or that you have a logical explanation for why it's okay to send your sons and daughters to use bathrooms with people who are potentially attracted to them but only if those people are the same gender.

And no, I'm not saying you should fear gay people as being criminals, not any more than you should fear straight people. Which is why all this concern over bathroom usage is silly.

How do you feel about your daughter changing in locker rooms with gay women? Or your son going to the bathroom in the same place as gay men?

Curious, and a bit of a tangent—why is that 'attention' argument necessarily a bad thing? If you feel uncomfortable with how you exist in society and feel that aren't getting enough attention from the people in your life to help deal with those issues, why does that mean that those people deserve spite?

Wait, you think it's obvious that an 'all powerful and omnipotent being' doesn't need a creator, but you think literally everything you see has no way to exist without one. Why is the most complex thing imaginable excluded from your rule?

What on earth makes this an American debate site?

pirateelfdog(2654) Clarified
1 point

As I have already explained, we know enough to conclude the state of an organism's Nervous System is inextricably bound to ones consciousness/sentience or lack thereof

Can you explain a little more? How do 'we' know this?

2) Subjectivity (or lack thereof) is the relevant factor

Debating is often about trying to convince others of why your subjective viewpoint is the right one. And on a potentially life and death issue like this one where you're arguing that it's okay to abort a fetus at 8 or 12 weeks but not at 20, backing up that subjectivity with some arguments is kinda necessary.

Okay, tell me two things:

1) How are you defining consciousness?

2) Why is something having consciousness linked with it being moral/should be legal to destroy that’s something?

Note, there is no "hard line" for when possible conciousness of the fetus begins, which is why I am coming down on the side of cautIon (early on)

But why come down early on post conception? I don't see why this logic can't be extended earlier in the process. When a man mastrubates, those sperm aren't seeking an egg, and thus potential life ends. When a woman has her period, she's failed to get pregnant and thus a potential life has ended.

I've made it clear the distinction between the GOP and the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party supports all abortions, and the GOP does not. The Democrat Party has forced tax payers to pay for abortions through medicaid, etc.

Oh, there's no doubt that the Democratic party supports legal access to abortion and the Republican party does not.

And yet, you constantly specify 'late term' in all of your rhetoric, which is why I bring it up. If that's not what you're actually arguing or it's inconsistent with how you feel about what abortions are and when life begins, then, to use your favorite word, you're being deceptive.

Well, at the early stages, it is just a clump of particles that doesn't resemble life. In the later stages though, it is already developing, and therefore, could be classified as life.

The process of 'life developing' arguably begins long before conception.

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