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RSS Pixydust123

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1 point

God made chickens first, not the egg, when he created the earth. So it does not make sense that the egg would come first since the chicken had to lay the egg. Its like God made adam first, not a fetus.

1 point

Heaven is the greatest place you could ever go to! Murders, rapists, cereal killers, atheists, etc don't deserve to be in gods kingdom. You have to work hard on earth to get into heaven so not everyone should just get the easily ride out and get to go in.

1 point

Age definitely matters. Personally, I think that people should be married to each other within 8 years or less. There are many factors that play into the age difference such as appropriateness, retirement, pensions, etc. Its definitely not okay for a 40 year old to marry a 24 year old. Trophy wife's are definitely frowned upon.

1 point

Well to begin, who ever wrote this article must have been eating during class because obviously they missed the lesson on proper grammar. But anyways, eating during class is very distracting to not only the teacher but also the students. Its not just the sound of the student eating thats distracting but theres also the smell, the unwrapping of the food package, and the getting up to throw away the trash. Eating during class is definitely not respectful to the teacher..... Thats why they created this special time of the day called "lunch".

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