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RSS Pizzathehut

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2 points

Name a prominent American right winger that hates Candace Owens, Allen West, Larry Elder, Tim Scott, Condoleeza Rice, Herman Cain, etc. None? Now back to the topic. You've disowned every black person who hasn't voted Democrat. If a minority bloc votes Republican, you keep them from fleeing Cuba. You'll do the same to black people.

2 points

Those in power are beholden to the Chinese Communist Party which makes them rich as individuals. When the one paying your bills has the end goal to take down the West, you pander to whatever goal gets you paid. Pandering to globalism, sending jobs and industry to China and allowing Chinese science spies into our universities gets those in power in America paid. The takedown of America will not stop until Chinese money stops going into American politicians' pockets.

1 point

The Chinese and India by themselves pollute more than the entire Westernized world. Doing anything "green" while letting them do it is stupid. It's the equivalent of pouring water into a bucket with a hole in the bottom. So we'll all give up our cars, etc, and pollution levels will increase substantially anyway. I refuse to even have the conversation until the left quits coddeling the Chinese, telling us how great they are while they literally have slaves and pollute on uncromprehendable levels.

1 point

So why don't the Democrats who have all 3 branches of government tax them right this second?

1 point

Hello Pork:

YES. Make the check out to ME.

Burritolunch is from Europe and still attacking Jews. Let's grab his wallet. He can't stop both of us. I doubt he can stop one of us. Let's take his shoes too.

1 point

I have three "black" grandchildren. They don't agree with you. ;-)

You didn't address any of his questions.



Guilty of what?

are destroying the promise of civil rights!

In what way?

1 point

I'd suggest that if the Democrats try to roll out a bill for the Republicans to reject right before the election, roll out a reparations bill right after. If they sign it, you still get credit. It's your bill. If they reject it, have black Republicans fake outrage on monumental levels.

1 point

Oh God, shut up you insanely stupid piece of shit. You pretend that everyone is Nomenclature

You are Nomenclature.

1 point

Nom molests his pets and the pets of others. He's a serial pet molester.

1 point

What about heat death? There went the dream up in smoke. Poof! Never seen again.

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Winning Position: They do not live in reality
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