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RSS Poleflux

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1 point

I see someone is doubting the whole of my experiences. For the end of my story I will begin now. At ten July 5th 1981 I hadn't been myself lately as I was an active child. I wasn't as energetic as usual, felt a bit sick with a headache for about by now. It was a hot summer day in northern California when my friends stopped by to ask me if I wanted to go to their grandmas and go swimming. I faked feeling better and off I went to go swimming just up the street from my home. A short time later I dove off of the diving board into the pool, when I surfaced it felt as though I had an explosion inside of my head. So painful I could barely see. My friends thought I was crying wolf and started teasing me about a bee being on my head, but all I could do was scream and try and find the edge of the pool and try to get out which I did. Twenty paces or so later as I held my head together as I thought my brain was coming out I collapsed into a patch of clovers covered in bees. My neighbor seeing that I was in serious trouble helped me to my house where I was then rushed to the hospital. My next memory was opening my eyes and seeing my mother, I smiled, I was in the ambulance being rushed to a city hospital in the next town. I had suffered a ruptured blood vessel in my cerebellum, a brain aneurysm, for which after the angiograms and spinals I was being prepared for surgery and expected not to live. I remember none of what was happening around me as I was unconscious at that point. What I do remember is my experience of leaving the world I knew into a place in the heavens. Here is what I seen:

It was dark, like the night sky, all I could see were pinpoints of light much like stars, I knew who I was and where I had come from and who I had left behind. I was not hot or cold, hungry or scared, lonely or longing, I had no emotions in the human context nor was I sad. I felt as though I was being held in a bubble or cupped in unseen hands, I had no emotions so feeling safe was not relative. I could see, I remembered myself, and in this state I remember holding out my arms to look at my hands as if to see myself, I felt myself doing this but there was nothing there for me to see, I was not inside my body, yet I knew that I was alive and I knew I was a spirit and no longer a physical being. I understood the concepts of being outside the body and being a spirit as if I had always known it, there is no fear here, and just to let you know the spirit can see, and the spirit remembers who he is, and the soul hungers not.

1 point

This is why I know life exists after death. This is my own personal experience and memories of death. Here there is no debate.

I was plagued with health problems in the first ten years of my life. I had to pay careful attention to these experiences because they occured on the same day, July 5th, of different years. I had fever seizures shortly after birth to age five, in one of these seizures I suffocated on my own tongue at age one in my crib. When my mother came in to check on me I was dark blue, my feet distended and not breathing, my uncle saved my life with mouth to mouth. I was certainly to young to have a memory of this experience or so I thought later. At age five, same day I drowned in an above ground pool, I stared up at the surface where my three year old sister was floating, she tried to get the adults attention because somehow she knew I was in trouble. I myself was in a mystery at this point because while standing there looking up I didnt know how to get there. That is the last thing I remember, and then nothing. After I had taken my official breath of water my sister was able to get my other uncles attention, who jumped in the pool fully dressed, cowboy boots on and pulled out of the pool and then administered mouth to mouth, different uncle, same day, same gift of life. Again my only memory was standing on the bottom of the pool staring at the surface, wondering how to get there, then nothing. After these two experiences I had two reoccuring nightmares for years that would repeatedly would have me waking up screaming. The nightmares not especially scary at all, strange in fact because they were about cake and ice cream, my mother, and leaving the planet earth. How? One was sugar cones of ice cream stacked one atop the other high into the sky I could not see the end but I knew that the top ice cream was my mothers ice cream and I climbed these cones that led me high above the earth into space until I reached it. I take the cone and I eat it, my mothers ice cream, having left her behind on the earth I woke up screaming, that dream was over, the same every time for years. The next nightmare was about cake. I sensed someone with me it felt male, but my attention to detail wasnt focused on him, but he had taken me to the outer orbit of earth, and vividly I remember seeing our planet down below as an astronaut would, I knew it was earth, I didnt think much about why I was above it and not on it. After being taken to orbit by this presence I would then begin to cover the whole earth with cake, I was making a cake to cover the whole planet, and then suddenly as before I realized that my mother was down there on the earth and I had just covered her in cake and I felt as though I buried her on the earth under my cake, and I would wake up screaming. Again this nightmare persisted for many many years, so often that the vivid images are still with me. As this story has one more profound experience I am going to pause for now, I hope there is someone who would like to hear the ending, as I will write it soon.

1 point

hmmm, so then the pyramids did not exist before you, they are just here now because you can see them and validate them, but there was no life before you? after you? no evidence to support it, perhaps you should give it another think as philosophy differs from sceintific opinion. Life, is a window.

1 point

who were you then, before you? In a view such as your own you believe you were alive, but not quite alive? To have thoughts, feelings or awareness? Did you not hiccup before you could breathe?

2 points

does anyone here believe in the "before life"? doesnt life exist before you? the matter of creation is absolute, a human created you. humanity is the mystery

0 points

oh and uh, well the evidence. you see, the evidence is in the mirror!

0 points

EVIDENCE!!! do you think that you exist? now? are you alive? is the reflection in the mirror proof of ones self? are you a creation of your own imagination and all throughout your life just your creation too? what is life? science says that it is impossible to live or be alive without water, oxygen, and seemingly mild climates. do you think earth is a goldylocks planet? hard to know what to beleive isnt it. can you see your reflection in the mirror? is it real? an illusion? is it what you want to see? IS IT REAL? your spirit self staring back at you in the mirror cannot be touched of felt, it cannot suffer or experience love, hate, fear, or happiness. the you inside the mirror can never be hungry. but you can be hungry you know what hungry is, it is life the spirit that is never hungry wanted to feel and to know and it was.

1 point

well lets see if we can understand this theory. are you saying that in the beginning when the universe was no bigger than a speck of dust, it exploded? wouldn't it seem rational if in fact the universe began so small that even before its existence it was nothing? it has expanded from nothing? could nothing explode and create something? how? why? if it were nothing how can it be? this the unfortunate reality of scientific explanations bordering on an almighty as the true explanation. what came first, the chicken or the egg? how can an egg exist without a chicken? maybe you are only, as is all of this around you, a creation of your own imagination! limitless speculation, the sky is the limit! swim within the confines of the mind as it expands much like the universe! by the way, it wasn't a big bang, it was a big splash!!!

2 points

money cannot buy anything but freedom! corruption breeds corruption absolute! maybe if you had enough money in your pocket when you die, hell would let you buy your way to heaven!!! fools

3 points

war is murder!

all you vegetarians are an outrage! so you do not eat meat, hurray for you! I do not care what you eat to stay alive, after all everyone, including you, consumes the dead to stay alive! think about that for a minute. you eat how you want as will I. you don't need to throw a parade, I could care less, and so should you. worry about something important in life will ya? after all, if it weren't for a high protein meat eating diet, you would still be a monkey!

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