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1 point

That would mean an unfixed and unguided path. So that wouldn't really be fate. Unless you mean we make our own.

2 points

That's really difficult to answer. If one was to go back in time say 50 years ago, and changed a major part of our history then that alone would disprove fate as you are changing everyone else's path. However if you have re-written the past it has changed the future and is accepted as our present. As everybody is none the wiser, you could argue that they will see fate in the way they do now, so for them fate does exist. The only person fate would not apply to is the time traveller, maybe giving him the role of a god. So people would continue to believe in fate, but if one person has the ability to change somebodies fate, then it an not exist as an entity in itself. Perhaps the time traveller is then deemed fate.

1 point

Come back to me when a human skeleton is found to be the same age as some dinosaur fossils and i'll admit you're right!

1 point

If you look at my comments my opinions are trying to elaborate on "do evolutionists deny history" not so much whether humans and dinosaurs co-existed. Which they probably didn't if we compare the research for and against.

1 point

Who's to say our version of what dinosaurs looked like is correct? The images we've constructed using a dinosaurs fossils only take us so far. The rest is imagination. How do we know that a t-rex wasn't purple? That they had huge hunches on their backs that actually doubled them over? They could very well of imagined what they would look like. There are too many variables and uncertainties for anybodies opinion to be right or wrong as it's simply guesswork.

1 point

Nooooooo! You didn't even offer me the option of suicide. Well i'm guessing my dental hygiene won't be particurlarly good at this time, so i could use a makeshift flamethrower, replacing the deodrant can with dragon breath!

1 point

I agree whole-heartedly with The Ashman.....Hypocrisy on the highest level.

1 point

I agree whole-heartedly with The ashman. Hypocrisy on the highest level.

2 points

Agreed. The hundreds of millions spent on the "war on drugs" could be put to much better use, not just for addicts, but the country as a whole.

2 points

Agreed. The hundreds of millions spent on the "war on drugs" could be put to much better use, not just for addicts, but the country as a whole.

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Winning Position: No it's a problematic religion

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