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1 point

It is a basic human right to vote. Prisoneres are already kept in dull rooms on their own all day, so it's not justified to deny them the vote to decide who runs the country. This is also really important because whoever runs the country is also in charge of all the prisons in the country.

3 points

Well obviously. It has been around since Jesus was born and part of it is the same as Judaism. 2 in 1.

-1 points

Yes. Sorry Emily but but I can't back down. And anyway you're much better as a sloth.

2 points

Glad you think so. Actually it's selfish people like you who scoff mountains of food a day and are saying stuff but not doing. Totally typical hypocrite. And please don't tell me you're annorexic cuz i'll feel real bad!

-8 points
1 point

If the only god (who is the christian god) is evil, why are we lucky enought to have the internet, free education, food and drink, friends and shelter???

0 points

hello yellowfishyb. i dont know you and you dont know me. i think youve got the wrong person.

lol :D

2 points

I believe in one god and if people say "wheres the proof that there's a god" i am going to make another point which is "wheres the proof that there isnt"

0 points

thats a bit biased, don't you think? any anyway the creator of this debate probably isn't christian but christadelphian or something instead.

1 point

lots of people would call this personal opinion but its the relationship and believing in the holy trinity

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