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RSS Presley13

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Khamenei hardliners

The Nuclear Deal with Iran is in favor of the United States. Khamenei believes that the deal, as of right now, doesn't show Iran any honor. If the United States says they will remove the economic sanctions on Iran, why don't they remove them ASAP like Khamenei wants? As of now the US is saying that they cannot remove the economic sanctions immediately and therefore is causing Khamenei to take a step back. If Iran has to give up the majority of their uranium assets immediately, the US should lift the economic sanctions immediately as well.

3 points

As stated in the title of the debate, the tariff on Mexican goods will increase between 5-20%. Without Mexico increasing the tariffs on the United Sates goods, the citizens of the United States would end up paying for the wall anyways. It is almost guaranteed that Mexico will increase the tariffs on the United States goods. Whether Mexico's raised tariffs exceed or meet the tariffs of the United States, neither one will have a positive impact. If President Trump starts to increase the tariffs on Mexico, Mexico will retaliate/emulate and the system "will begin to unravel." The taxing that President Trump is referring to is value-added taxes. Although President Trump is saying that these taxes are helpful, these type of taxes actually discourage imports and subsidize exports. So, I believe that the wall would be a burden to our economy, and would in the long run weaken our ties with Mexico because of the potential war between tariffs.

Supporting Evidence: "Building a Wall of Ignorance" (
2 points

The TPP is a trade agreement that encompasses many strict guidelines that include environmental protection and the requirement of minimum wages. I believe that these such guidelines will ultimately be the most rewarding to the currently involved countries. With the restrictions on over-fishing, illegal logging, and the trafficking of endangered species, the fish, trees, and endangered species will be allowed to grow back, and therefore we will be more likely for the endangered species to not become extinct and there will not be a shortage of fish and trees. Also because of the requirement of minimum wages the currently involved countries that do not have a set minimum wage should see improvement in living standards and will promote economic growth. So among the many important aspects that the TPP incorporates I believe two of the most important things is the guidelines on the environment and requirement for minimum wages.

Supporting Evidence: What Does Trump's Executive Order to Withdraw from the TPP Mean? (
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