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RSS Princessplop

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10 most recent arguments.

"If your use of profanity is to make someone feel bad, you are completely missing the point of manners.When looking at the manners of swearing, we need to think about what kind of impact our words are having. Using curse words can make you feel powerful, but this kind of language is defensive and belligerent. And if you use profanity to make someone feel bad, you are completely missing the point of manners in the first place. Manners are about putting someone before yourself and making him or her feel important. Swearing at or near someone will usually have the opposite effect."

Irrational elitism or sense of superiority? Is not swearing or cussing a form of superiority? Of empowerment? Swearing is not good manners. It is not acceptable to swear in front of people (especially children). It is not acceptable to cuss in restaurants, pubs, school, university, hospital, church...anywhere in public. It is not acceptable to swear at your spouse, friend, parent, teacher, boss or co worker.

When I hear someone using the "c" word, I literally feel sick. I can accept "shit" or "crap" in my presence (except in front of children), but anything stronger is completely inappropriate. The school I believe acted appropriately.

2 points

Swearing shows a lack of imagination in the English language. My cousin came home one day when he was four swearing his head off. When I told him to stop, he told me to "f off, you fen c" . I went straight to the school, told the principle, and the student who had taught my cousin this was expelled. And so he should have been.

Not only is swearing hurtful and disrespectful, it is disgusting. Children are young and pure. Swear words are filthy and stupid.

All you who swear in front of children, for shame.

Religion is a fascinating subject, especially if your teacher is incredibly biased. It's nice to learn from a true believer, and from there you can decide what you want to believe. When I did Year 12 Studies of Religion, taught by a Catholic priest, I did an assignment on 'Paganism in Australia'. I got an A+ and I discovered my own faith.

Religion is essential. A child must be exposed to it. My little sister was traumatized after the death of our baby sister, and I helped her by introducing her to Christianity. She needed to believe that the angels were looking after the baby in heaven.

Also, if you send your child to a Lutheran school, you shouldn't become upset if that is what is taught there.

First of all, religion is not a bad thing. The parents genially believe that they are doing the right thing by introducing their children into their faith. And really, what's bad in believing in something/someplace better?

Sigmund Freud might have believed that religion is a mass neurosis, a psychological response to deep trauma. However, I strongly disagree. Religion is as much a benign belief as is the belief that the sky is blue. Most parents are fine if their child decides that they don't believe the same thing as their parents, and those who don't...those who control their children's beliefs? Those who wave banners and stalk gay people, they are abusers. But then so is the atheist who comes home drunk every night and beats his son up.

I'm going to be all controversial here and say prostitution. I've suffered from both sides, and i have to say, while abortion is horrible and leaves you feeling empty and haunts you every time you hold a baby... prostitution is allowing a stranger to use your body for their own pleasure. The money is not worth it. Neither is it enough to cover the damages.

Honestly? Someone who makes me laugh, loves me and who can take care of himself. I've dated ht guys, ugly guys, plain guys, sporty guys and nerdy guys.

These are the three requirements I have of any guy I date.

The only reason why these relationships didn't work was because I wasn't what they were looking for. So maybe the question we should be asking is "what do guys want in a girl?"

Whenever anyone starts criticizing Christianity, it generally is always followed by "well i believe" or "what they believe is stupid". How can you judge Christianity? without, our society would be a heck of a lot worse. I was born into an Anglican family, went to a Catholic school, am dating a Muslim, my two best friends are Buddhists and I'm a Pagan. So what?

I love religion. It is the foundation of everything good that happens in the world. Christianity preaches love and family, with a delightful place called heaven waiting for all the good people, and all the bad people can go to Hell. :)

Just think of how old it is...and how it has evolved. It really is amazing

Obviously you have never been around when an animal has been beaten to death right in front of you. If you had, maybe you wouldn't be so quick to sign people off to the loony bin. But before I contradict everything that you have said in your pointless waste of space argument, let me tell you something. You are an insensitive jerk. You know nothing about me. Therefore, as you obviously know next to nothing on anything about me, get off your high horse and smell the manure. Or I could just rub your face in it.

If the dog is yours, and you just kick it for no other reasons than a failure to communicate, then you are the one worthy of being kicked, not the dog.

And worse, if the dog isn't yours, and you just kick it because that's how you get off, than you are the neurologically imbalanced psychopath. Why don't you witness an animal beating (heck, you'll probably partake in it you freak) and see how you feel then. If nothing changes, then you are the one in need of 'professional psychological help'. If you need a good therapist, my door is always open. Obviously you have issues.

Any person who displays such a weakness of character cannot be allowed to contaminate the gene pool any further. Therefore, they must be put down. If a dog bit a human, they would be put down, so why no do the same to a human?

Personally, I'm a radical. Get rid of all the alcohol, take the drunks into the desert and kill them off. Take the children and educate them properly!

4 points

Better at what?

When it comes to friendship, males are generally better than females. Girls are very critical and very bitchy, whereas guys have a punch up, and the next day they've forgotten all about it.

When it comes to life, women are better than men. I mean, guys can't give birth...and most (I say that hesitantly) are lacking that maternal instinct to nurture. That's not saying that guys don't make good parents, but they tend to be harsh on the boys and over indulgent on the girls.

When it comes to ruling a country, I am more inclined to say females are better (Hilary Clinton, Julia Gillard, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine the Great etc) because females tend to be critical and demanding of perfection in everything around them as well as themselves. Female rulers are more inclined to put other people before others (it comes with the chick territory).

Warfare is definitely the guys territory. Think before you act, hide your emotions, don't go spaz on the battlefield.

So all in all, I like both and think they are both awesome

Tied Positions: Leave them be (conservatives) vs. Get rid of the grog (radicals)

About Me

"Things I hate: Homophobes, politics, communism, hypocrites, long boring speeches and pointless arguments. Things I mock: fans of Justin Bieber, Twilight, Robert Patterson, Harry Potter, Star Wars and those imbeciles who swear, drink, fight and ramble. Thing I love: Reading, chocolate, history, education, democracy, kid VS kat, manga, anime and Australia :) Things I REALLY love: My beloved soul mate PsychoBilby... I also sometimes love Woobin. Other times I don't. Don't judge me"

Biographical Information
Gender: Transgender
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: Australia
Religion: Wiccan

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