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1 point

Disputing the air pollution bit - I think it was worse in England with all the coal factories. The buildings were all black and could not put luandry outside to dry.

Previous to that was that the mini-ice age of the 1500's was helped along with all the wood burning fireplaces blocking sun's warming rays.

1 point

In Hawaii - I didn't have a choice - it went to 10% - and my 1987 250cc Honda ran like CRAP. the state was trying to kill me becuase any time I tried to enter traffic - it would die. So I had to buy gas dryer & octane booster.

Now I live in Arizona and I have a choice, E-85, E-10 and 100% the good stuff. My 2000 Kia manual says not to use any E-gas.

It take more energy to make E-gas then regular gas. Making E-gas makes the cost of corn and other foods - higher. This PC E-gas thing is a sham and should stop.

2 points

This one guy has a tatto0 on his neck that says "Swift Forgiveness" which means to me: both

2 points

Occupy is world-wide but there has been nationwide arrests in the U.S. Although no Syrian-like brutal crackdown of the Arab Spring protests - denying political public assembly may finally pry open the eyes of Amercians that freedom is only an illusion unless prepared to sacrifice for it.

What is disturbing is the 'kidnapping' of legit customers at a bank - If the bank wanted them to leave - why didn't they let them?

23 customers of Citibank allegedly found themselves under arrest after being locked in the bank at 555 La Guardia Place, New York by security guards who even forced legitimate Citibank customers going about their daily business back into the bank.

If Gov't takes the gloves off - will America react with increased violence - hardly - with the attention span of 8 seconds I doubt that this will sustain for the presidential election.... because there is no politcal leader out there for the 99%

Supporting Evidence: Citbank arrests 23 (
1 point

Yes because that huge buffet was never intended to be eaten by the condemned prisoner - it's his legacy to the other prisoners who get to eat some thing good other than grits, oats or peanut butter. I guess if he touched it - the guards would've have to throw it all away.

Just put a limit on the cost as to a single serving at a good restuarant. I want sushi - ikura nigeri mmmmmmmm oh! with some cold sake! ( not the hot - tastes like urine and well, in prison - you never really know what's being served)

Does the convicted get to have a choice of method of execution? Hanging, firing squad or chemical?

1 point

That's the same as sociopath right? 1 in every 5 persoons are. I think psychopath is no longer used becuase it's not considered a disease anymore but just a human predator being a parasitic member of society?

1 point

There isn't even crickets here!

"What the fog of war" means is: war is so complex it's beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend all the variables. Our judgment, our understanding, are not adequate. And we kill people unnecessarily." - Robert S. McNamara

Supporting Evidence: Libya Nation Building Hubris (
1 point

sort of like the self-replicating machines that would take over the universe. ( it was in a sci-fi TV show - the one with the giant dragonfly as the spaceship)

2 points

Not all human testing is done by consent. Should useful products that were invented by non-consenting human experiements be allowed? If the product saves lives - shouldn't it be used so that those experiemented people didn't totally die in vain?

Life-Jackets are that product devised by the Nazi in the death camps. Before - the life jackets did not have the neck pillow. The Germans would put the prisoners in ice-cold water and discovered that if the back of the neck is out of the water that the prisoners lasted longer before dying.

Then there was the Amercian experiements on black prisoners that infected them with syphilis for 40 years - and yes even after the cure was discovered - the prisoners were never given the cure.

So if humans don't respect human life, I think it is quite naive to think that there were be respect of life for non-humans.

1 point

No, Hell, no. If you want to find out about the rebel leader who took over Tripoli - he has various names they are:

Abdel Hakim Belhadj, Abdelhakim Belhadj, Belhaj, Abdelhakim Al-Khoweildy, Abu Abdullah Assadaq, Abu Adullah Assadaq, Abdallah al-Sadeq, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi

He is the guy that the CIA handed over to Libya to be tortured for over 4 years and then was released by Al-Islam.


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