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RSS Purple

Reward Points:74
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

inner beauty is more pleasant any other beauty health .

I try keep good condition from inner beauty . outer beauty is worth of time .

1 point

Junk food is bad effect you body .

I suggest quit junk food . People don't want to quit junk food themselves but that is lazy . Many people overweight and unfit now a day . Few year ago I could'n endure eating junk food and drinking soda juice but I quit .

Endure eating junk food help me keep body balance good weight .

1 point

quality is suffering .

brand mean quality what they make and we able to satisfied .

copy product is badly habit in Chinese ,in fact many retailer sale product that copy brand in major market is cheep but not good quality , because this is just copy .

1 point

prefer I phone .

I phone is much better , Function is good and display is beautiful .

Response is much faster than the other . I love it because latest technology include as well as web technology . Most important point no advertisement . That policy comfortable for me .

1 point

Pepsi is better then Coke .

Coke is sweeter and strong taste . Pepsi is not sweet and easy drinking juice .

1 point

expensive clothes not necessary .

expensive clothes cheat buyer who want good design .I won't buy expensive clothes .

1 point

home work good to revise what learn today .

Homework give us chance improve knowledge as well as what understand . All of homework most be done even you don't like it . each generation think about homework is good or not ,but answer is same each generation . student struggling deadline but most be done .

1 point

It is great . I love it I'm interested in new technology like that . If it is possible to carry us it will be great time .

1 point

japan . I had been good time in Kyoto as well as Nara. Kyoto is best place to see Japanese culture as well as food . If you want to Japan to see something autumn is best season . I spend time Japan when summer season that was humid and intense hot day . Japanese summer is not likely west cost .

1 point

Yes . no doubt .

They are doing their job at every air port using security check , technology , like that . Air port security manager afraid of crime .

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