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3 points

She once said that she wouldn't want the job as President, arf arf.

I didn't have a relationship with that woman, arf arf.

Calling the FBI investigation a back round recap, arf arf.

Didn't send any classified mails, arf arf.

Benghazi was a protest due to an anti Muslim video, arf arf.

On and on it goes, The woman is as much of a liar as her compulsive bed hopping husband.

1 point

The fact that people like you exist and have successfully prevented that from happening?

Im violating others people's Constitutional rights by believing that marriage is between man and a woman?

Sorry, Two people of the same sex? that's civil union, Marriage is between a man and a woman. It's people like you that deny me my Constitutional rights.

1 point

Not trying to force me to change my beliefs?

I believe marriage is a institution between a man and a woman

1 point

Creating the legal frame work would so difficult, at least I think so.

Isn't a marriage certificate a legal document too?

pvox(11) Clarified
1 point

I don't have any evidence. Im just hoping is all

I don't have any evidence. Im just hoping is all

I don't have any evidence. Im just hoping is all

1 point

abuse? Just what would you call abuse on Sodahead?

I know that a lot of Liberals and Obama loyalist got very offended by what people were saying.

1 point

There is no law that say's that one person of the same sex must use certain words when making a proposal. As you said "What consenting adults do in their bedrooms is none of your business"

I agree and what goes on in there personal life all together applies. It would have been wiser for the gay community to use the term civil union. A certificate of civil union would be a legal document that covers all tax laws and would not conflict with the Church. Our tax laws allow people to claim anyone as a dependent with that, they can place the dependent on their insurance policy. That is what the gay community is complaining about and they have an argument. I think the gay community is going a little too far by forcing others to change other peoples personal beliefs.

2 points

I have read that and there are a few things about Sodahead's "new Direction" article that just don't add up. How many times have we seen other sites or media outlets that mention twitter or link to facebook? Can you imagine if facebook did the same because other sites were using if for their benefit?

1 point

It is very strange the way Sodahead came to a close. If you google phrases like "Sodehead closes" or "the end of Sodahead"

Nothing comes up in your search results. Non of the other media outlets have anything to say about it. Im not on facebook so maybe people are flipping out about Sodahead's New direction" over there.

I've noticed that the site have been kept in tact since it's. All our profiles are still there and the leader board remains too. With that, it gives me hope that they are not totally committed to doing away with the site entirely.

Maybe public out cry will turn things around. I just hope it wasn't anything like the FCC or someone like George Soros that had anything to do with it. Many Liberal Democrats and Obama loyalist were complaining about the things that were said on that site.

1 point

Interesting subject, yes, I hope we don't see things get as bad as they can get. But when famine, the plaque hits or society breaks down, that is when we find out who is who and what they are made of.

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"Im here because SodaHead tanked. If you recognize my icon, feel free to be placed on my allies list"

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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