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RSS Qadeerh

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1 point

The US is national melting pot. Letting in refugees can help portray the US as a friend and not an enemy. Saying that we should only let Christians in is an example of why we get attackd in the first place. They should feel welcome. Germany has been accepting refugees for months now and they haven't had any terrorist activity yet.

1 point

While it is true that their is a risk of letting terrorists into the country, a prime example of how letting in refugees can work is Germany. They have been excepting the refugees for some time now and there have yet to be any attacks from them. They even set up camps for them to provide shelter.

2 points

I disagree that we should close the borders because we have to be open to more refugees fleeing the terrorists in their homeland. We must welcome them with open arms so that we may portray the US as a friend and not an enemy. While it is true that we have taken out numerous dictators and tyrants, we have left no instilled government, leaving them vulnerable to rebel groups and more tyrants. Bombing innocent civilians and terrorizing weddings and family events doesn’t help us look like a companion. This fuels their anger even more and that creates the next generation of terrorists. By accepting refugees, we show that we are here to help.

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