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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I don't really care if they use it for food or something, but do they use the meat too? Or just the pelts? That's what I'd like to know.

2 points

They kill cute little seals for fun, not kool!I don't think it should be legal unless your going to use the seals, not if your using it to prove how strong or worthy you are!

1 point

Don't we want kids to earn responsibility too? I mean we could prepare for jobs faster! Then we could get double the education and at the same time get money for all our hard work! We don't just work at school either, we get homework too!

1 point

It could benefit poor children and low income parents

Isn't that significant? People, it could help end the poverty cycle. I mean don't most kids in poor countries stay home because they need the money? Well they could get the money and an education! It could really help the world!

2 points

Kid's would be able to help parents if parents were on low income pay. They would be able to help each other, and families would make more money. Think about it, if you put poor children in school they would have more money to give to their parents. That could help break the poverty cycle

1 point

yes, history is filled with beautiful knowledge. It's so intensely important! I mean if we hadn't had the Titanic sink we'd still be desperately floating around in the water when our boat sank! POINTLESS. Life is pointless without knowledge. SO yes history is extremely important, it teaches us life lessons.

3 points

It can't. It's a free choice, it's not like married gay people are out to get us and murder us in our sleep. I honestly don't know why everyone makes such a fuss about it I MEAN HONESTLY. GOODNESS. That's kind of discrimination.

0 points

No I think it's taught people in America to think a little harder before voting for someone like him. Don't you think? It's like the Titanic, or any other mistake. It teaches people new things, like to be more careful or to have lifeboats or safety plans. You need big mistakes like that to make something stronger.

1 point

Why not? I mean it's bad for you if you eat too much, but doesn't everyone want a treat every now and then? I mean to stop fast food culture would be like stopping a very strong influence. But would it be a good decision to do it? I mean at least at some of those places you can something kind of healthy like salad. Imagine what people would eat without Fast food. Probably icecream right out of the carton.

2 points

Such a whiner too, I mean what's all this about President Obama being out to get him? Like WHAT? I think he's kind of going insane.

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Winning Position: Seal hunting should be illegal
Winning Position: We shouldn't

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