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RSS Quietassasin

Reward Points:4
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3 points

They want to tax us so they can control us. They want to take all of our money and power away. And why do we need some big army? The states already have their own armies and are perfectly capable of defending themselves. We already have authority, and it lies within the states. We will not stand by and let the Federalists strip away our personal rights and power in the government

5 points

The Federalist elites say we should be more like European countries. They want us to crowd into big east coast cities and wear ridiculous outfits and makeup. They want to control everything and make us "equal to" Europe. They want to control our armies so we can be "protected" from them. But there's an entire OCEAN between us and Europe. What we really need to be doing is going west and claiming more land for the states. We are farmers and artisans, we deserve to have endless acres of land in the west. Who said the rich elites get to be in charge of everything? NO ONE!!! We can still be in charge and have a voice, but only if the states stand together to keep the Articles.

4 points

Why should we replace the articles when they got us through the Revolutionary War? This new constitution would just take away the power that WE fought and died for! It would allow the national government to control us and limit our freedom just like King George did!! Our country is much too large to be dictated by a single central government. The federalists do not care about the people's rights. With the states in charge, citizens actually have a voice. Popular participation is greater under the Articles of Confederation, and it protects our citizens against the government, unlike the constitution!!!

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