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RSS Radical

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No, I think it should remain legal for countless of reasons. I have considered the counter arguments and I somewhat understand why someone would want to ban abortions, but when it comes down to it I remain pro-Choice.

First of all, the choice women make to abort is their own and should not be affected by the government. Secondly, there are countless of situations in which abortion is the best option for the mother and the child. Childbirth is dangerous, painful, and can take up to days. Besides it has costed the lives of many women. Therefore I think that you cannot force a woman to perform childbirth. The argument that "women should just be more careful" or that they should just not of sex at all I find complete and utter nonsense if I'm being honest. I don't mean any disrespect to the people who have argued this but I find it to be rather far fetched. Contraceptives are far from fool proof and you cannot stop people from having sex as it is a natural craving for most. Not even mentioning the fact that rape is a large risk.

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