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RSS Rafael

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Well, nothing went wrong with my system. And I thought it was all for real. What a way to come up with a good April Fool's hoax. But am glad it was just some stupid joke over the net.

1 point

Dane Cook makes me laugh on all of his movie his movie. And Will Smith he's such a fine actor.

1 point

Yes, Kuklapolitan I completely agree with you. They can have their time be more productive than just having to spend it playing video games when their at home. The economic competition is really tough right now, not just here but around the world and this could help them be more advance with the current demands these days.

1 point

I have also heard of this idea a couple of months ago. The first time I've heard about it, I was like gee, that would be fun!! Seeing all those stars fall from heaven, earth would crack and hell would burst from down under. Perfect for movies.

Seriously though, we should not allow this kind of thoughts lingers in our mind. What can you do if the world really would end by that time? Nothing. We're all be dead and gone. What I'd like to emphasis is that you live your life productively every single day. Show the person closest to your heart how you care for them and tell how much you love them. Live each day as if it were your last and you will have no problem if the coming 2012 will really be.

1 point

I also love reading the book first. Yes, most of the time you really gets disappointed when the movie comes out differently from what you have read. But books really talks about the whole story and movies tend to skip some important details from it sometimes.

1 point

I also never tried satellite cable, too. Truth is, I don't have much time to watch tv anymore aside from late evening news so cable is perfectly fine with me. It's also much cheaper, and I can use some savings these days I'm on the verge of being a broke.

1 point

Definitely not. I'm better off without it. And I want to take it if it really concerns a major health problem. I'm more into vitamins, and water therapy. But I do drink a lot of coffee, too.

1 point

I like most of jb's arguments and stands on certain issues but no I am completely satisfied with our current mods here on CD.

2 points

Well, I can't remember anything good he has done on this country than to get all those wars funded. To fluctuate the dollar rate and lead more people to walk away from their faith.

1 point

I think that religion has made a major impact on our society. This has been part of our life for the long time and the doctrines it taught us makes us a better citizen of this country. It mostly refrain us from doing all those weird things in our life and I think that it is good.

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