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RSS Rdgeiselman

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1 point

The state leaders were not being controlled, never said they were. The people just have more pull on their decisions and actions. Rebellions happen in all types of governments with all types of laws, so an isolated incident can not be used to determine a trend. There was no need to be protected from the government they were a significant part of. Yes, checks and balances are good, but a milder version is already in place with the people and the government. The Constitution is what would hurt our people by taking power from them, some restrictions are good, but too much can choke a country’s growth.

2 points

The people lose their individual rights of taking care of their own money and knowing what it is spent on. The states already have militias of their own which in case of war can be unified to help on a common front.

2 points

This country is full of differences in production, people groups, economic ability, and intectual ability, it is out differences that strengthen us, so worrying about my own state is a good thing.

2 points

If the government assumes debts, there will be no strong states, and as you said, a country cannot be strong with only a few or no strong states

1 point

That is not even a problem, people are happier this way as they have more power. This “issue” is more than made up for by the added power and say the people have.

1 point

The states being more like countries give them more accountability in decisions they make. One could not argue what could have happened such as a war because it did not happen so there is no way of knowing. The people have the authority to stop state leaders, as they know where they live and can speak to them more one on one. Obviously we are an actual country and defended successfully against a world power. We can defend all foreign kings we want but you would have one take over from inside the country.

4 points

The Constitution does not adequately represent our country, the middle-class is the majority but it has very little say in this new constitution. The higher class can help make decisions on some things, but have very limited views on what normal people need or want. The people have little to no say on how money is spent either, which really affects the middle and lower classes.

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