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RSS Redgiemental

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1 point

Homosexuality is well observed in nature. There are many animals that have male on male sexual relationships, particularly mammals.

1 point

I'm not sure the author has a solid knowledge of what stem cell research actually entails.

3 points

Death, pure and simple. We're all scared to die and anything that says we don't have to die or we can go to a wonderful place after we die we clinge to. We're all desperate men clinging to straws apart from the ones that have come to peace with dieing. If anyone has managed it please tell me. It terrifies me it really does.

3 points

It is absolutely possible.

Now as for probable its simlar a matter of hos unlikely a planet is to have the requirements for life vs how many planets there are.

(slight over-simplication)

I don't know estimates for the numbers but just considering how vast our universe is I think its likely that life either currently exists elsewhere or was/will exist at some time.

Unfortunately given how large the universe is it is unlikely we would actually come in to contact with them. I can dream though.

2 points

I'll take a hot geeky girl over a hot non-eeky girl any day

2 points

I had sex when I was a teenager. I was smart used condoms. I'm now in a long-term relationship with the woman I think I will spend the rest of my life with. She has had previous sexual relationships with her boyfriends just like I had with my previous girlfriends. Neither of was involved with casual sex or anything like that. It was always with someone I trusted and cared for to varing degrees.

I have no regrets about how I've lved my life. If she does turn out to be the one that I choose to spend the rest of my life with then I will make love to that woman an only that woman and love it.

Alot of teenagers will have sex teaching them how to do and be smart about it is the responsible thing to do. Trying to force your opinion of what you think they should do on them isn't right, fair or goign to work!

3 points

I think the limit ing of one child per couple is a good start. It's the only acceptable solution.

Most people wouldn't tolerate killing people st to lower the population so we need to the lower the amount of people born in the first place.

Suspending fertility treatment is something that needs to be done too. Theres thousands of children that need parents already. Adopt one of those instead.

Looking at how the governments of the world behave setting up the governing body might be a struggle.

This issue will decide what life on this planet is like for the next century. We need to act and stop it from getting any more out of control.

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