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1 point

As always, whatever the Left accuses you of they're guilty of it themselves times a thousand.

As always you're a liar. The left isn't known for hating black people. That's you. If I had a dollar for every time I've seen the OP call someone a nigger I'd be a very rich man.

1 point

MarkDice Describe to me what illegal thing Trump was impeached for

In July 2019, he urged his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate one of the frontrunners to take him on in the 2020 presidential election. This mattered, opposition Democrats said, because it is illegal to ask foreign entities for help in winning a US election.

Congratulations again, on being the most stupid person ever to walk the face of planet Earth. Good job buddy.

1 point

You call everyone that disagrees with you

Shut your lying face.

You haven't met even one percent of the people who have disagreed with me, so as per usual you are making up lies. Just because you happen to be a Nazi and I point it out to you regularly so that you do not forget this fact, does not mean I "call everyone" a Nazi. This is just a lie you make up to attack the credibility of the fact that you are a Nazi, which is ironic given that one of the main features of the Nazis is that they were LIARS.

1 point

Yet, here you are.

You don't own this website buddy. The owner banned you because you're an open Nazi.

Which would mean that you are mentally unstable and unwell

You bore the literal shit out of me.

1 point

When you offer no answer

When you fail to read my answer and instead pretend you didn't get one, it just shows what a complete goddamned idiot you are. You got an answer, you didn't like the answer you got because it illustrated the stupidity of your question, so you pretended you didn't get an answer.

Are we done here, you infantile, stupid goddamned moron? You are literally the most stupid person currently living on this planet Bronto. Congratulations on that mate.

1 point

Trump supporters are stoked. What's not to like? Roaring economy; soaring stockmarket; record employment; rising wages; trade deals; immigration enforcement- everything is going in the right direction.

Why do you keep repeating these lies?

1 point

Actually how do you genuinely know that

Because I'm not gay. Are you gay? If you are telling me that you wouldn't like a threesome with Emma Watson and Margot Robbie then I think you might be gay. You should get that checked out.

Both women could have tendencies when intimate, personality traits, temperaments and such factors that cause sex with them to be far less pleasant

Sure. And the Moon might be made of cheese and Eskimos might be aliens from outer space. The existence of possibility doesn't mean one should ignore the law of probability, which is something you often get confused about given your bizarre theories about alien contact and flat Earth.

1 point

Capitalism has been tried. I don't like that. It ends with us getting a child rapist as president.

1 point

If real Communism has never been tried, how do you know you'd like it

Hi idiot.

Same way I know I'd like a threesome with Emma Watson and Margot Robbie.

1 point

Yeshua, these people are idiots who are trying to reverse engineer "evidence" for God. I gave it a fair shout and reached 4 minutes 56 seconds before the bald guy demonstrated to me that he is an idiot. He began by trying to explain "what caused the universe to exist must have been timeless", because it pre-dates the universe. What he wasn't clever enough to understand is that cause/effect is also a rule of our universe, and hence the universe does not need a cause to exist.

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