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1 point

Personally, I think it's wonderful that they are giving coverage to Gays and Transgenders. And what "millions of other groups of people" are you talking about exactly? This is not an attempt to tear down Christian faith, you're just being overdramatic. I'm an atheist for a reason. Some parts of the Bible I find cruel. I'm fine with Christians who believe in gay rights and that Transgenders should be respected, but I don't respect people like you. You may think you're inspiring tons of people with your long essays on how the Christian faith is being torn down by Democrats, but I personally think those are all rumors spread by republicans. There's nothing you can do to change my mind, so I suggest not wasting your time.

1 point

No problem :) and don't worry the endings happy lol. But I won't spoil it.

1 point

I'm sorry for being so rude. It wasn't my place to tell you what to do.

1 point

Listen, not everyone sees the Bible as that way. Many people see Christianity as a wonderful thing. I feel for you, I really do, but there are Christians who believe in gay rights. Not all Christians follow every single thing in the Bible. To the ones who do, they think what you're doing is as wrong as what you think they're doing. What you're doing is not wrong, but you have to understand people are born into families where certain things are disrespected. My grandfather doesn't like me because I'm a girl and he says he wishes he had a grandson. He grew up thinking that girls were inferior. Girls are not seen as deserving equal rights nowadays, but they've certainly come a long way. People in themselves are STUBBORN. That's that. You're just as stubborn in your ways as other people are. Just have an open mind. Things aren't as bad as they seem. And you shouldn't hate yourself. I can tell you're truly passionate about what is right and will do anything to get justice for gays. I admire that, but there is a point where you have to be tolerant.

1 point

I love long names that typically end in 'a' for girls, like Samantha, Alexandra, Veronica or Victoria and I honestly don't know for guys lol. I like Devin, Owen and Ryan.

1 point

I'm simply posting here because no one else has, but it could go either way. Religion is a way to bring people together and make people feel safe and guided in the right path. However, religion is also the source of many problems in this world. I can't say I'm surprised though. Great things always come with an equal or opposite price.

1 point

That's a good point, but I still have to say I prefer democrats over republicans :/ I don't have a very extensive knowledge of this topic, but it's interesting to learn more.

1 point

That's why I'm not a democrat OR republican :/ Both sides have too many problems to count. It's much easier to be independent. The republican side can be sexist and charges more while democrats can be too lenient and crazy. Sad world, sad world.

1 point

Boxing is far too violent and people get seriously injured doing it. Why can't you just train with an instructor in hand-to-hand combat instead of beating someone to a pulp? Boxing and football are two sports I don't understand and I personally think should be gone. By this day and age, I thought the barbaric times would be over, but apparently, I was wrong.

redmask38(44) Clarified
1 point

Also try lots of debates. Experience is helpful as well. Just don't start fights instead of debates lol!

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"I'm a young feminist and I'm not afraid to say it ;) I'm also a huge gamer and love ice cream."

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