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1 point

While anyone can name pros to a world designated religion, you must understand what would happen in the destruction of all other world religions.

Toleration is what sets people apart and makes them human. Destroying all but one religion would be like destroying anyone's right to do wrong...

Imagine if you completely eliminated the ability to steal, to lie, to cheat...If you force people to live morally, you destroy the only purpose for morals... If you destroy all but one religion, you destroy the purpose of religion.

5 points

Prayer should never be a requirement in schools.

However, you should never remove someone's right to worship. That goes against every principle America stands for.

Should we also remove the American pledge...Then any discussion of those silly holidays like "Halloween" or "Christmas"...Why stop with prayer...If you want a school to be completely removed from culture, isolate it. Alienate it. Allow no presence or influence of the outside world.

Religious freedom also means religious tolerance. If a child wishes to pray, let them pray. If a teacher, a principal, any faculty member wishes to pray, let him do so. As a Christian, I would allow a Muslim or any other religion to practice that religion without a word of protest. I have the right to practice my religion, regardless of the location.

No one is given the freedom from being offended. It simply isn't possible. Live and let live.

1 point

Okay, to be completely honest, I hadn't been exposed to the sour-side of Fox as those examples demonstrate...A question that arises after watching O'Reilly in that last clip is this: Fox has lied when reporting the news. However, is it possible that other stations have done the same? I'm not referring to bias, but to nothing but pure false-truths by a seemingly reliable station.

After just scratching the surface, it isn't hard to find thousands of examples for any given network..I was trying to provide a link to a PBS mistake concerning Romney and Giuliani trying to "out anti-immigrant each other" back in 2007-I would add it, but it seems to not be working for my computer...

I just read this interesting article concerning BBC as well:

Sorry, I can't even embed..

Let me leave you with this and reply to the rest of your argument later, I'm running out of time, but wanted you to see that even accurate news is bias...

1 point

All news reports aside, Fox has outstanding ratings for fantastic shows, or at least I hope so...

American Idol? House? The Simpsons? Family Guy?

All of these shows have brought in viewers for years and years to come...

Of course that's not the only reason, but I do hope it is the main one...

1 point

When has Fox "flat-out lied"..

Okay, before you start calling me all sorts of names, let me elaborate..

Anyone with the brain of a primate could tell you that Fox twists the truth quite often. However, I have never once heard a bold-faced lie...Possibly, this is because I don't ever use Fox as my source for NEWS, but I do believe that Fox simply tells the truth how they rather it be. They are always careful to contain some glimpse of the actual truth within their bias...

I'm not saying that in the least. My point is this: America has bias news. It is inevitable.

However, it is up to Americans to decipher what is truth and what is complete nonsense. Not everything that comes from Glenn Beck's mouth is complete nonsense.

I believe that your comparison of Beck to the KKK and Neo-Nazis is much more far-fetched than my comparison to a comedy news show, but maybe there's a metaphor I am not catching because obviously you are not seeing mine...

I am not saying that Beck is comedy news, not at all. I am trying to show you that if people are "stupid" enough to believe everything they hear on ANY given news program, then they would probably believe in spoof news shows as well..

It seems to me that you are saying that Beck is just wrong. No middle line, no "opinion" to it, Beck is wrong in what he says. He is polluting the minds of all those who watch him. If that's what your position is, then this is an entire different debate...

because Beck DOES have a Republican that would make all Republicans wrong...which, regardless, is a matter of opinion..Hmm...What's your position here??

-3 points
1 point

Yes, the point of the news IS to educate the public, but how many networks report inaccurate/bias news? Let's shut down Fox then...

Glenn Beck gives his opinion of the news...he honestly believes in what he says. It isn't a daily report of worldly events, but it is an opinionated news cast. He has every right to say whatever he "thinks" on HIS show. It's a correspondent format.

Yes, my example was extremely absurd, as I mentioned in the argument...I stand by it..

If extremely weak-minded people are willing to believe all of Beck's "rants" are fact, then who is to say that those same people would not believe in a comedy television program? The comparison is ridiculous, but that doesn't make it wrong...

Personally, I've seen the show quite a few times...Sometimes Beck has used logic to support his opinions, but sometimes, yes, he becomes too irrational, and just attempts to appeal to his conservative audience...I dare to say that Obama has done the same...Why stop there, everyone in the political field has made comments suggesting that reason is lacking in their opinions...This is not exclusive to Glenn Beck...

I am simply trying to say that though Beck has opinions that to many seem illogical, he still has every right to express his thoughts, and any viewers have the right to agree/disagree...he should not be condemned for voicing his seemingly outlandish ideas..

1 point

So you're trying to imply that all public figures should be held accountable for their "craziness"??

Are you trying to tell me this is strictly a conservative "issue"?

You're worried about misunderstandings, but don't these occur on both sides??

What about even the comedy side of this...I'm most certain that the same people believing in what Glen Beck says all the time might just be buying in to the comedy acts of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart...Absurd? No, not if we are speaking of weak minded people...Let's prosecute everyone who tries to present the truth in their own opinion, or even with satire, don't stop there...Let's just write off everyone who attempts to contribute to the world of politics, but some people disagree with...He doesn't claim that what he says is fact, but just a very strong opinion

I am most certain this is not the America Beck grew up in, we aren't the same country we were 20 so-years ago...

1 point

Pancakes is much closer to cake...

and everyone secretly just wants to eat cake for breakfast anyway...

I think Aunt Jemima would prefer pancakes too

1 point

Yea, sure, he's a little crazy...but at least he's entertaining..

I rather see someone, uhm, "passionate" about what they believe...really, really, really passionate...than someone who simply soaks up an idea and accepts it (I'm speaking of him as a political advocate/voter/person rather than a political reporter, of course)

I say if he wants to be crazy, let the man be crazy...!

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"Well, I'm Heather... I offend many, scare most, but occasionally, i'll make a point.. I found my desire to debate any topic typically useless, that is, until I came here..."

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