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RSS Reyhan

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2 points

because the parents is a figure who will be followed by children..

and it's the parrents's duty to teach and educate


1 point

if some one need the other people's help to speak,how can the first human create the language?? that is the first.

and the second, Don't u know tarsan? he is someone living in the jungle. but why can he communicate with the other living thing? Those are the proves stating that the children can study to talk naturally. see?

1 point

what..? you said that they will never know how to speak without our help,

hem.. don't you know that based on the children characteristic, children can speak gradually by trying to pronounce everything they listen, they'll try to do it, and they can,

1 point

heiii.. again and again the news shows that there are many violence in household, should that kind of family be maintained??

or must they divorce?

off course.. we must answer "YES" for the second question,

first of all, it's to prevent the violence.

and second of all, it is not to break the human right, all of people have the human right to get the happiness

1 point

divorce is the best way when half a couple or both are reluctant to live together anymore, just imagine if the divorce isn't conducted, consequently one of them will feel so uneasy,

Moreover the basic purpose of marriage is to get the ease.

so there's no reason not to do divorce

1 point

absolutely that's right, tattoo is something so useful and meaningful, for the instance we can express our feeling and it can show someone's personality, don't you know that most of the adolescents tattoo their arm with their own couple's name, so that it can make their relationship closer,

it's meaningful, isn't it

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About Me

"i am so interested in debate, i will strive to show that my argument is out weight. it's the great program which it can improve my ability"

Biographical Information
Name: reyhan hanif
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Indonesia
Postal Code: 69162
Religion: Muslim
Education: Some College

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