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RSS Riahlize

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10 points

Do you really ban people and then reply to their comments, giving them no opportunity to respond to your claim? You realize it's not "last person to comment wins," right?

5 points

Would you like me to respond with "that's a dumb answer"? Or are we going to move passed unwarranted opinions about what others post as their response?

I also do not care about any other thread. This particular thread welcomed questions for Christians, where Christians would then respond with their answer here. You haven't really answered the question if you say "the answer is at this other place." The goal is to bring the answer here.

But I suppose my wording was a bit more demanding of evidence than I had intended. Let me rephrase,

How have you been convinced that Christianity is right -- knowing that other belief systems also call for non-believers not to be deserving of paradise? Why take that wager? And if it's not seen as a wager, what has convinced you otherwise?

3 points

How do you justify your particular religious beliefs, knowing that if you're wrong, there might be another deity out there who will judge you the same as the god you believed in would judge others for not believing in him?

/Spin on Pascal's Wager.

4 points

I imagine they would probably say something along the lines of this anti-christ person can choose not to be.... that way.

That they deserve the chance to choose a life full of God.


3 points

We have the right to live. We should have the right to die as well.

If you're of sound mind, as tough as it would be for those who must live on without you, why not? It's their choice.

ESPECIALLY in the cases of terminal illness.

Also, I must blast this fuckface that I found today, commenting on her and her choice...

1 point

And even more so that the rapist's actions and intentions would have already been known by God. Is the rapist then blamed for the bad deed or part of the whole reason the greater good will come about?

1 point


Wait, fuck you Joe! :p

1 point

And didn't he kill far less people than God? I'd say that's three points for Satan and nada for God.

1 point

If you do what he says, would you be sinning at all?

1 point

Being that we are a social species, morality may only exist when other sentient beings exist in proximity.

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