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1 point

i do believe that there is because I have had many frightening weird experiences that I am unable to explain. But I guess until conclusive scientific evidence arises we can only speculate.

1 point

You have no idea. I'm Cambodian and most of the countries population is Buddhist. My parents are very religious especially my mom. Whenever I get into trouble my parents would take to a temple so I can get blessed and showered by a monk. I wear this white yarn around my wrist that was blessed by a monk and it's suppose to protect me from all dangers. The list goes on..

1 point

just here for some fun devils advocate as always ........................

1 point

no you just believe what mainstream media tells you. With so much half truths, mis information being told you haven't been able to sort out the fog of information to come to the truth.

1 point

The U.S claims to be a democracy but its more like an oligarchy, our government represents the wealthy and powerful. U.S. policies are created in favor for the top eilte. The average joes interests has no influence on politicians.

1 point

This is the reason why I don't vote. What I'm saying is that its not like our votes matter to electing the next president. The billionaires supporting the candidacy are behind it. Presidents are just the puppets in the game to full fill The so called "new world order-Rockefeller-Rothschild agenda". Im not part of the LBGT community but I do support them. I brought up same sex marriage because they are focusing so much attention on this issue disregarding whats more important, such as foreign affairs.

1 point

Everyone should know being in a drunk state people lose the inability to communicate with a clear conscious mindset. Don't take advantage of a girl knowing the state of mind she's in, even if she consents to sex. If you were a good person you would understand that she's in no position to speak for herself.

2 points

This topic is super controversial. I find myself in between for both to a certain extent. Take that many people are wrongfully convicted. Innocent people should not have to even acknowledge or think they have to face our justice system because of our justice systems misleading evidence. Our justice system has wrongfully convicted innocent people and sentenced them to prison in many cases the death penalty also awaited them. Innocent people are wrongfully convicted because “Inadequate legal representation, police and prosecutorial misconduct, perjured testimony and mistaken eyewitness testimony, racial prejudice, Jailhouse "snitch" testimony, Suppression and/or misinterpretation of mitigating evidence, Community/political pressure to solve a case.” Unreliable and fraud convictions from testing labs have been taking a toll on many innocent people. Sometimes labs or their personnel have allied themselves with prosecutors and cops , rather than searching for truth. Some cases are purposely tampered with so when retested there are no new results. In the past innocent people have plead guilty and given jurors a false confession Thorough investigation step by step needs to be made to make sure no one innocent is ever charge. But as for the murderers and rapist that are convicted with credible evidence..I say let them rot in prison for a while then send them to the electric chair.

2 points

Trump has a destructive agenda especially his angle on the middle east and jihadi terrorism. His propaganda to eradicate families of suspected terrorists and his land invasion plans into Syria to wage war against the islamic state to seize its oil. Also his plans to ban all muslims traveling to the U.S. is just going to fuel the radical islamic groups putting U.S in imminent danger. Here we are discussing which is more dangerous, yes Islam is accounted for many terrorist attacks but look at the bigger picture if Trump were to act on his plan. He's playing with fire.

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Winning Position: presidency candidates don't have morals
Winning Position: Is a government nonexistent of corruption capable of happening?

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