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RSS Rmcgrath

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1 point

It would be better if you did your own research instead of letting others tell you everything about it. Go to, or there is a book on the subject. But seriously you should do your own research and calculations on the subject. This is so others then cant lie to you if you know the truth. The book is called the FairTax book.

1 point

I don't see your argument, but I would like to say its not between republicans and democrats.

rmcgrath(131) Clarified
1 point

Its really just simply based off of family size, and the poverty line for a family of that size regardless of their income.

1 point

Your funny I would like to know where you get your information. Businesses don't get a free ride from it. They have to pay the tax for the items they buy too. I don't think you even understand businesses cover their corporate taxes as it is. It always goes to an individual.

0 points

Because your refund is a sham. It would abolish the income, payroll, corporate income taxes, death tax, self-employment taxes, gift tax, capital gains tax, alternative minimum tax as well as all the other embedded taxes in your everyday items.

Then it adds the 23% into all of your everyday items. just from the income tax and payroll taxes the average American pays roughly 32% in taxes.

1 point

Those numbers are almost correct except a family of 4 that makes 26400 a year would get 6072 a year for the basic necessities. This is in 12 increments of 506. The probate would only give a family of four this much regardless of their income.

1 point

Actually if the new engine was 2000 dollars and the mechanic says to give you 2100 dollars they would be ripping you off due to the fact the 23% sales tax being in the cost already.

"critics have a way of dwelling on this 30% [or more] figure...What is at the issue is the mathematical equivalent of a game of semantics."

The fair tax is an inclusive sales tax. if you buy a $100 toaster $23 would be sent to the federal government. Now if you found a $77 toaster from another store that used an exclusive sales tax then adding the $23 would be a 29.9 or 30% increase. Our current sales tax is an exclusive sales tax. Why don't you actually research the bill its self.

1 point

It would work better for the economy as a whole. Also the probate, not prebate is not ment to cover the sales tax entirely just the basic necessities. Also to add, social security and medicare will not be gotten rid of. The price of goods will stay roughly the same since the consumer will get to keep their entire check, and all the current embedded taxes will be removed from the items. All things, then will have the new sales tax embedded in them. There are no exemptions from this tax. No, a .77 cent item will not have a .23 cent tax. what part of every dollar spent doesn't make sense.

I suggest studying it. Go to

1 point

In the long run, which all changes on the national level should be examined, letting the government control everything would not work.

1 point

The US supreme court should NEVER have had this case to begin with due to the 10th amendment of the bill of rights.

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Biographical Information
Name:  McGrath
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 65689
Religion: Christian-other

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