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RSS Rob0915

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1 point

It would be no more unreasonable than disbelieving in the law of gravity, theory of osmosis or genetic engineering. As outrageous as it would sound for someone to say "I don't believe in gravity", if you have tangible, replicable evidence for the contrary, then you have a good opinion. If you simply don't "believe" in them, then you look like a fool.

Evolution is occurring - dogs evolved from wolves, dinosaurs into birds, large cats (like lions) into small, domestic cats. Genetic modification and evolution go hand in hand - if you breed a group of dogs with different dogs (shepherds with pit bulls), you will be inducing directional selection, a method of evolution. Natural selection, as proposed by Darwin, isn't actually about "adapting" as it would seem when Giraffe's stretch their necks for leaves and eventually become completely long necked. Rather those with long necks were able to reproduce, passing along their genotypes.

So yes, all evidence points to the living primates (humans, gorillas, chimps, orangutans, baboons) as evolving from a common ancestor - meaning we didn't evolve from each other, rather we are distant cousins, part of a family with the same "grandpa".

In summation, if you have evidence (IE you've found through break through research that humans are not at all related to chimps or the other living primates OR you have arranged an interview with God to discuss how humans got here, you will be able to state that you do not subscribe to the theory of evolution. Otherwise, you can claim ignorance using the "un-educated" excuse, and it would be "reasonable", but foolish.

rob0915(59) Clarified
1 point

Allow me to further elaborate,

I don't dispute your argument - rather I feel that it would be even more difficult than described to make inter-galactic contact with another species (assuming this species is even sentient and they are contacting us). I shouldn't have stated that I dispute your point, rather that I wish to clarify it. I have noticed that throughout nature, the strongest species ALWAYS makes it's presence known. People often think that "aliens" will be "above" human morals and ethics. I ask WHY!? Why would they be anything like us!? They would not be C based lifeforms, nor would they (presumably) follow our physical laws. Thus, they probably don't have anything similar to our "morals" or "ethics". Therefore, they would probably make their presence known - especially if they were more advanced than us.

1 point

YESSS!!! In December of 2012, the US security council deemed the US safer from terrorism than most of her allies. Boston Bombings say "NO YOU ARE NOT"!!!

1 point

Take a look around - the world looks flat. It looks as though fields and oceans go on for thousands of miles. Until Copernicus hypothesized the world was round and later Galileo adopted this thinking (and was forced to relinquish his statement by the Church) the entire world simply didn't give it much thought. Think about it right now - we have some pictures from space and everybody says the world is round but do you know that for a fact? Have you been to space and stared at the earth? Have you ever, really, given it much thought? Neither did the majority of people from the pre-rennaisance, except a select few.

rob0915(59) Clarified
1 point

I agree with the facts. But like I said, add some ketchup to the whole mess - it would be even harder than what you're describing. There is no known source of energy that can approach light speed and even at light speed it would take many, many years of space travel with current technology to find even a bacterium. And I doubt they would come just to stop by for gas, some chips and a gatorade. Unless that is exactly what they stopped for ....

1 point

Define scientific (no, don't really. Sarcasm. Learn it). This empirical pursuit is called precursor phenomena, unusual seismological activity leading up to an earthquake. Little cracks and fractures can develop in severely strained rocks and cause tiny earthquakes called foreshocks. Google haicheng, 1975. HOWEVER, contemporary geologists are unable to develop defined, recurrent theories or instruments that can predict these fluctuating phenomena. BUT there are SOME signs that can indicate the onset of an earthquake.

Stay in school, kids.

1 point

But tied and totally dependent on your investments is freedom? Hmmm ...

rob0915(59) Clarified
1 point

The fastest extraterrestrial probe we HAD 40 years ago.

Point 2, I dispute. Let's add some ketchup as well - be creative. Agree on everything else.

2 points

Studies (many,many) have shown that child marriages (or arranged marriages) last longer and people are more happy than those in contemporary mutually-exclusive marriages.

Not to mention, the financial security of the family is planned and employed before either of the parties have their first job. Here in the "free world", the majority of parents struggle to make ends meet.

1 point

Rant of the Week by Rob0915

Absolutely NOT! Case Study 101 - The United Kingdom. The tribespeople of Great Britain "owned" it before those nasty Romans invaded. Nasty Romans killed many, raped more and "stole" those "natives'" lands. Do you see the Italians forking over money these days so that the Brits can go to school, not pay taxes, engage in substance abuse seminars? What about the oodles of land the natives get!? Italians don't give money and the friggin Brits don't ask!!!!

What about all the poor white men that were scalped? Those poor, poor innocent white farmers and their wives and their poor innocent children. All raped, scalped. Their villages burned. What separates the natives from the european-americans? AH! I know!!! The natives complain more!!!

And this funny business about being raped in residential schools - that sucks. My true, un-adulterated condolences. However, This is simply no excuse - those that were abused in government facilities - sure, they can get away with it. But their grandchildren???!! NO WAY!!! My grandpa saw all sorts of crapola in WWII, shot in the leg, run over by some ridiculous machine and lost a chunk of his toe. Lost a bit of his arm to fire. And he's still farming!!! At the age of 89!!!! Hasn't told me about rape, but he's a man - meaning he doesn't tell his grandson about that crap.

Do I get free education, some thousand acres to hunt like my ancestors? Tax free? NOPE. And yet, some little old lady was raped and abused when she was 5, and she gets all that and more? Again, truly terrible but there are FAR worse things!!! And they've happened to every single race/ethnicity/culture/nation/creature on this planet throughout history. What of the Dinosaurs!!???

They were hit by a comet!!!! We should pay them tribute!!! Our generation should have been there to save them!!!

WHAT entitles the natives to ANYTHING MORE than your average American!!!???? WE ARE ALL EQUALS!!!! END OF STORY!!!

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