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10 most recent arguments.

I think you are right on both counts, but Nazism and Fascism are one of those things that are very similar, but one is extreme.

Fascists aren't as extreme as Nazis, sure, but Nazism is just slang for fascism.

Nazism is just Neo-Fascism, made up by fools playing dictator.

Nazis support supremacy and so do fascists. We should know that, based off of Hitler's reign.

No, right handed people are just more prominent. My guess is that you are all right handed.

No, it is not. You all are being "politically correct" and "Autistic".

Technically, that is considered manslaughter. If You are fully capable and understand the seriousness of the problem, the drowning, then you are fully responsible for their death.

yes daddy.ubygvuftdcrsxezwrarebgvihyunjompkpjinhbgyuvtfcdrxeinuoctvre5x6byuvctrex

he did site the e-mail. through wiki links. so, can we all agree that this guy is retarded

Neither does mint tea but thats your name. Clearly you need to get a life.

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Winning Position: No
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