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RSS Rocker777

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-1 points

there is a ton of good things form not eathing, actuly it can leanthen your life becuase if you eat between 1000 and 1500 caliores then your mind goes into a state that it slows down your bodys functions, like braking down of cells and so on and so forth i don't know all the staticics to it but they did a special on it on the discovery channel and there is a guy who is 45 and he has been doing this for 20 years now and he looks and has the body of a 29 year old, this is caused by the slower brake down of the cells cuaseing him to live longer and it is estamated that he will live about nine to ten years longer then if he did not do this, and if he woulda started earlyer, his life span there for woulda been extended longer

0 points

the real question here is that is anorexia actuly bad, if we don't have any then the obicity level would rise and yes it is bad if you are skinney and don't eat, but if you are, fat, then not eathing is a good idea and should be considered because however "bad" not eathing is, it is not as bad as being fat, fat people around the world every day are teased and made depressed 'im not saying all but most' so not eating for a period of time in order to loose waight is good and eazy in fact there is nothing to it, no counting caliores no counting hours of work out, all you do is not eat, you loose waight and then you eat again and wow well that was eazy

1 point

okay big deal the yoyo was also origanaly made to be a wepon, do many people know this now? no. and many many other ideas started out as something then ratically changed,

1 point

barbie is not a slut

1 point

so exactly how much faster are we warming the earth? you don't know, no one knows for shure the best way to learn is threw trial and error, you can run all the sims you want but you will never get the exact result. and was you there the last time the earth started warming up? umm.. no so how do you know we are "immesely" speeding up the warming of the earth if i open a multi million ton bottle of prefume in cail the people in france will still not smell it, the same is for CO2 really no matter how much we put out there will always not be enough to substantly change anything

1 point

we should stay the course, becuase the earth is simply going threw a cycle that it has been going threw sence its creation, so what if we might be speeding this cycle up, if that is true then after the next ice age we will need all the extra green house gasses we can get so we can reheat the earth and not all die

3 points

you got your points back

1 point

hmm... sorry i forgot where we lived, hang on let me remember.. oh yeah! this planet! hm.. now lets see here, if we live on something and requrie it to live, and we destroy it, hmm.. what happenes to us?? wait, we die!

-1 points

no, it is not racism is human nature we need to embrace this simple fact, you get rid of racism, you get rid of human,

there is a philosopher um.. i cant remember his name at the moment but he said that with peace you need war there always has to be polar opposites with out this the human brain fails and humans die, so no it is not a problem, it is a necessity

1 point

okay the last time they lowered it, crashes beause of drunk driving blew therw the roof, and i am 16 yes i want to drink, but i think if i did my ability to learn would be hindered, it is better to wait

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