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RSS Rockleesgirl

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8 points

Heaven ^^ Who in the world would actually WANT to choose hell? Unless you're a person who thinks Earth is hell. Then I can understand that. But I still rather go to heaven.

2 points

No, dictatorship never does ANYBODY good. I'm not sure what would be better, but all I know is that dictatorship is NOT the way to go. Look at all the countries that had dictatorship. They all eventually rebeled against it if its not in their country today. I've never once heard of a good dicatator.

What do you think would happen on a non-country road? I'm thinking chances are they'd be busted within the minute? So then unless there would be a police chance followed after the chances are they wouldn't get killed, maybe.

One of my teachers told us a story about a guy he met, in which the guy and his friends went out for a country joyride drunk, (and this was on the real back roads with corn and other stuff) and their car hit a huge ditch that was made from a tractor or something and flipped the car over. It killed the 3 friends the guy had in the car, and only the guy (who was the driver) survived. The guy doesn't drink anymore. And he's a famous basketball player in the NBL. I'm not sure who.

There are some people that have and do care, but what do you expect them to do? You can't just delete the use of gasoline and gasoline used cars; the whole economy depends on that, and it'd need to be taken at a slow pace in order so that the whole economy doesnt colaspe.

Now, with the oil spill, the people that have and do care are stepping up, because now here is proof of how bad we are treating the environment. The ocean was getting bad enough as it is! Now look what humans have done. So many animals have died because of this oil spill. it could have been avoided. BP should pay up for what they did. You can't bring back a life once it's gone. Same as you can't bring back an extinct animal once it's gone.

As much as i'd like that to happen, that would just as more polution to the air...... O.O

i understand what you are saying, but a lot of the time, when a people are wanting to charge a minor as an adult, the minor has a previous criminal record. in that case, they would have already gone through what you have said above, and then they would have continued on doing things even after their "pardon." THATS when you want to try someone as an adult. even though the authories wouldnt like to bring that on a child, would you like someone that is doing the exact same thing as adult doing something set free into the public and trust, after all they've done, that they won't do anything anymore because they are a "child?"

Yes, most SANE people believe this. If a kid a kid was driving 90 in 40 mph zone, thats his fault. He was going 50 mph over the speed limit, and thats breaking the law as it is. But adding 3 deaths to it over his foolishness, he is gonna have a lot more than just whatever they do for kids now after a trial.

2 points

In the future, we are going to eventually get rid of using oil all together. It causes too many problems, environmental and economical. Look at the damage it's doing to the ocean!! Or how our country is in so much debt due to purchasing from other countries! We have other much more eco friendly resources right at our fingertips! Solar powered, wind powered, water powered; all natural energy with no damaging to the environment.

BP is jus the start. People in the world are greedy. They aren't going to stop at just this. They are just gonna keep going and going untill our oceans are destroyed. Do you really want to encourage the destroyal of our world's ecosystem?

3 points

The earth is most DEFINITLY flat. The moon proves it. Then only reason you see a cresant moon is because the earth's shadow (which is round and sperical) is reflected on the moon's surface by the sun.

If the earth was any kind of flat, there would never be a shadow, on the moon or other wise.

And doesn't a huge flat maplike rectangle of nothing floating in space look and sound illogical and stupid?

It depends on the crime. And the person's medical and social background. There are many factors that would be needed to be taken into concideration.

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"I am a singer, artist, scholar, athelete, actor, poet, writer, listener, leader, ninja, human xD"

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Name: Sarah 
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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