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RSS Rollership

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5 most recent arguments.
1 point

If done right it could rest free america from the multinational corporate oligarchies enough to get universal health care, so our doctors are not selling our organs back to us. and we don't need to buy electricity from coal.

1 point

yes they are less corruptible because thinking they need prostitution to exist is less likely. In a utopia no one would have to sell sex but very perverted woman. In other words maybe the only reason we don't live in a futuristic utopia now is that some people think they need conditions to exist that coerce people to do humiliating things for money. Including a dead end paycheck to paycheck 9-5 job doing useless repetitive things because of a system stacked against you.

1 point

2012 is when this Dystopia run by the oil companies, NRA, drug companies, will end. More people than not will realize the only thing to save the world will be utopia. Doing everything perfectly as a lifestyle and not giving anything up but gaining a life of adventure till now only seen in the movies. There is a way everything is possible. Utopias can be eclectic and reflect every ones tastes. 3d printed glass houses printed from recycled glass or sand, printed from recycled wood or paper, clay, inflatable houses can be printed out and blown up, carbon scrubber can go on every source of carbon. A bicycle should be the new flag of america. It is Utopian, you get exercise save money save the atmosphere. Baking soda has a thousand uses and is non toxic, replaces and works better than thousands of toxic cleaners, some say cures stomach cancer as an antacid because cancer lives in an acidic environment. Grow food everywhere with highly saturated permaculture. Cops can use their discretion and stop ruining lives of people and destroying families of people who want to feel a certain intellectual creative way and prevent getting lung cancer or self medicate the 16 cures for ailments marijuana gives.

1 point

EVERYONE SHOULD BE RICH. basic minimum income 1 million dollars loaned into existence by the federal reserve like they do for private banks. Inflation can be illegal.

1 point

I do not support this persons ignorant argument that Marijuana hurts people!

Cannabis cures cancer as proved by Harvard researchers, "Heavy marijuana smokers are 70% less likely to get cancer" say A scientist on Science Friday radio show. Therefore you can not say that marijuana hurts them if their loved ones smoking pot are actually living and not dying of cancer or suffering all the other 16 ailments it is as yet been found to cure.

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