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RSS Roosh

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dude chill.

not your life. the ones who are homo have equal freedom to do and to like whatever they like. their life, their choice!

how does it make a difference to you, anyway?!

1 point

homosexuals, at the end are humans. practically a human being has the right to lead his/her life his/her own style , means and needs!

at the end of the day, it is his life, he likes another male - it is his choice. so when the society ( in most countries)have accepted homosexuals relations, then, of course they should be given basic rights of a legally married couple.

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organized religion refers to a group of people who follow, practice and preach a common religion and lay down some morals and ethics for themselves and also in a way do good for society as well.

Religion provided a sort of moral compass, a code by which people could live, by which actions could be judged as good or bad. As human society came of age - escaping from the jungles and caves of our ancestors - there was a need to control the reptilian, animal brain, the tendency of "every man for himself," the law of the jungle. I do believe religions provided some of that discipline and a moral imperative.There is the ten commandment, the koran, laws of manu, etc. These are edicts of different religions, meant to prevent chaos, murder, mayhem.

Second, some religions, like Sikhism, came up in response to great oppression and cruelty. Sikh religion was formed to defend people from the atrocities of mughal rulers.

it doesn't matter to which God you are praying but how about we look at this way, that He becomes a Saviour of soul for many who pray to him everyday, on whom many people's life depend, in a way it also gives us the meaning of our being in the world. People need something to lean upon, a reason for being, some place of comfort and solace. Religion provides that a majority of people. While it's not real medicine, it serves the purpose of a placebo. And we all know that placebos work as well as the real thing. So, if religion does help even ONE person in leading a better and happier life, it has served it's purpose.

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Winning Position: Religion is superfluous
Winning Position: Is organized religion Bad?

About Me

Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: India
Religion: Hindu
Education: High School

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