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Really people????? The only ones that could possibly think that outsourcing our jobs here in the USA are those that are:

1) Suffering in the Global Competition

2) Greedy SOB's that think nothing of those that helped their businesses to succeed before the company started feeling the Global Competition

3) Just greed of those that can't live outside of anything but glamorous lifestyles

4) Those that have no allegiance to their own Country

5) Those that have no life because they are too busy thinking how much more they can make rather than using what they earn to have a life outside of business.

We can go on and on and on about why outsourcing is bad. But you know what Outsourcing is not what is crushing us right now it is adding to what already crushed us.

Bill Clinton the dumbset President on earth who made it possible for China to become our bank by preaching "Enforce Trade Laws" - I mean c'mon how stupid can you get. Everyone should educate themselves who thinks Outsourcing is Good by reading

The amount of money we owe because of government spending to China is every reason to believe that Outsourcing right now is the WRONG thing to DO!!!! Where the hell is our thinking. Every friggen billinaire we have and every millionaire we have ought to seek a tea party that over turns the government and get teh USA under control by the PEOPLE themselves. It takes MONEY to campaign and those Billionaires and Millionaires that surround us here in the USA if they had a real brain, would use the energy to help the USA get out of the trouble we are in rather than think for their own GREEDY SELFISH selves.

STOP sending money to other countires thinking you can BUY LOVE. You are supporting JEALOUS idiots who take advantage and retaliate by working for pennies. You want to help, well HELP SAVE USA you stupid idiots.

Now after Bill Clinton screwed us royally, here comes a war that crushed us further. I AGREE 100% we needed to get that piece of crap Osama Bin Laden and we did. GREAT JOB to our Soldiers of War. Many many thanks!!!

But FUEL c'mon we have more middle class to low salaried people here in the USA who had the prices of fuel triple over a few years.

In 1975 gas prices were averaging $0.35 per gallon in 2000 gas prices were averging $1.05 per gallon. It took 25 years for the prices of gas to increase by $0.70 - Inflation was minor although the GREEDY would complain.

FUEL prices escalated to an average of $3.25 per gallon between 2006 - 2013 and has yet to ever find it's way back. This placed heavy inflation everywhere and is the MOST LARGEST problem and cause for why Americans cannot spend and get this economy we so desire back on track which in itself will add jobs. C'mon PEOPLE you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see it. If the government was over spending in the days of Clinton and back then before manufacturing got destroyed we had jobs and we didn't feel so threatened. However with something such as FOOD and CLOTHING which is 100% a neccessity has inflated so much due to the cost to transport it around speaks for itself.

If someone was paying $100.00 a month for gas just for work and food stores is now paying $350.00 - $400.00 per month

At the same token if the smokers that used to pay $2.00 a pack for cigarettes is now paying $7.00 a pack and say an average of a pack a day basically says it was about $24.00 a carton which basically calculates to roughly $72.00 per month but now would be $190.00 a month these are only 2 things out of many things that have inflated so much due to transportation costs escalating and food businesses needing to find a safety net to seel without losing money.

This is nearly $450.00 per month more for the average person. Did anyone in the middle class or lower salaried workers get compensated at least $3.50 an hour for this type of infaltion. If those that own a house with Oil heat you would ned an additional $2.00 per hour salary to keep you spending the way you used too. So $5.50 per hour increase. Yea OK RIGHT We all got that.... NO instead we have our place of employment Outsourcing instead which says for all of us that are employed, be happy you have a job and deal with it.

THIS IS NO LONGER United States of America. This is the HEINZ 57 Variety Country that is WAY WAY WAY out of control.

YOU STUPID idiots who can't see that the uncontrollable FUEL PRICES is the GREATEST KEY TO CONTROL. FIX IT!!!!!!!!

OBAMA sucks! He now has this country increasing by the millions with immigrants as his largest campaign was all for it. It's like American Idol... REALLY the friggen stupid Lasaro who can't sing for shit and all judges agreed was the worse of the night got through becasue the USA is not watching the show as much because they are out numbered by IMMIGRANTS. You call this USA. What gas stations are owned by US citizens, what 7-Eleven's or small convenient stores are owned or managed by US citizens. And don't try this BS about they don't pay good enough. It's not that at all, as we all know these jobs are a good starting point for young kids needing a job to get some expereince and responsibility. There are so many more out there that are no longer operated by US citizens.

We have billions of dollars be raised by government lotteries. Where the hell is all the money the winners do not receive going? Overseas to pay CHINA because it sure isn't being invested here in the USA. PROVE IT GOVERNMENT.

USA needs to get control over the price of fuel and get the costs back down under $2.00 per gallon.

USA needs to cut off immigration for enough years to show that we as USA can become an empire once again without those that come here with 10 kids in their back packs and screw up our medical benefits. Just another hugh mistake by allowing immigration. We were working on keeping people alive longer and with the medical benefits failing us people are going to suffer and not live as long.

Most American families have an average of 3 children. You have most immigrants with 5 or more. Do the math idiots. We don't have enough jobs now how the hell we going to put the increased amount of kids to work when they are old enough.


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