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RSS Rubiksking

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1 point

no, there are points to both sides of the argument. There are reasons some people see marriage as between only a man and a woman. Just because people still believe in what their parents taught doesn't make them mentally ill. and you definetley shouldn't of put dementia in the title of the question. My grandma has dementia and it's a really bad condition that makes it where you don't even recognize your kids or grandchildren. political views has nothing to do with dementia.

1 point

I believe that there is some type of higher power. Even though i don't believe in the bible or the quran or any other religion, i do believe that some higher power(god) create this universe. Also when i read near death experiences, i truly think that there is an afterlife.

1 point

why would i want to live crippled for 200 years? You wouldn't be able to have sex or do anything fun(like swim, or go to six flags, or try new things like skydive,ect.). I would rather live 20 years fit and have the time of my life, than live for 200 years and just sit around and watch movies, or read, and not be able to actually play with my kids.

1 point

no, because within the next 100 years or less we will probly be up to 10 billion people and counting. No matter what we try to do to save the environment, sooner or later it's all gonna be gone and be replaced by agricultre, towns or cities. It would be nice to save some envirionment(there will always be state parks and reserves),but sooner or later with the human population increasing like it is, it wouldn't help anyway.

1 point

No, i personnaly don't think that he could beat Obama. I was personally hoping that Bachmann would win, but she has since dropped out. My other choice is Ron Paul, but no matter who get nominated, i will vote for them over Obama. I won't vote for Obama nomatter who wins the Republican Candidate.

1 point

I think they do. When i use to believe in the bible(in the past when i use to(i don't know what i believe now)), i didn't go around preching creationism or preaching about the bible. I just let people believe in whatever they want to. Just because your an atheist, i personally don't want to talk about evolution and the such all the time.

1 point

no, because that would make The U.S., China, Russia, ect. all be exactly as rich as Africa. Every country would then all be the same. Although it sounds like a good idea, doing this would pretty much wipe out any victory any country had in the past.

1 point

The main thing i'm talking about is Cannabis, and once more research is done, they're just gonna find more and more reasons that it is bad for you. Who in the world came up with the idea of Cannabis being a medicine, it confuses me(they must have been high). Video games and chocolate aren't even like cannabis, so i don't see how those compare(that would be like comparing cannabis to meth and cocaine...just cuz you legalize one doesn't mean that you have to legalize all of them right).

1 point

No, because language has culture tied into it. Plus what language would we pick to have be the one world language. would we make up a new language?

2 points

Think about this, if there was no money, what would drive a farmer to grow food for people who live hundreds or thousands of miles away that he/she will never meet? What would cause every farmer to want to work hard from sun rise to sunset for people they don't know if there was no reward in it for them? What would drive anybody to get up and go to work all day? Without money, society would break down and we would go back to living in the wild.

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