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RSS Saintlouis

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1 point

the idea that people are becoming increasingly intolerant is nothing more than pessimism. In recent years, for example, we can see people becoming increasingly aware of Islam and its practices.

1 point

The Arab spring and failing western economies should stand as an example, we already live in changing times.

2 points

I would ask him if he honestly thinks he's the best man in the entire United States for the job; a lawyer with no economic experience leading a nation in recession.

2 points

savings and investment stimulate the economy. Areas that receive the greatest investment are areas with the greatest potential returns which are the areas with the most potential for growth. profit driven banks and investors will put money on what they think will grow most, generating the best profit. Government taxes would discourage savings, encourage over consumption, and would misallocate resources on bad bets, such as the government projects on ethanol and failed renewable energy companies.

2 points

Fear. Take for example, the cold war.

The USSR and other communist states promised a perfect utopia to the world, but that merely started wars in the east with those who refused. On the other hand, fear was use in the form of fear of mutual assured destruction and prevented another world war.

1 point

English teachers do indeed seem to put forth an unnecessary amount of energy in the interpretation of literature

A practice I still see no practical use of.

1 point

History has shown that no single nation, or league of nations, can take the world for itself.

2 points

Define what would make a country great

Military strength, economic strength, population. The US ranks highly in these.

2 points

You tagged your arguement as "citiznes sould be apologetic"

A beter explanation would be appreciated.

0 points

Capitalism has proven to be the most productive sort of economy. Communism failed trying to supply itself and as for socialism, China, the leading socialist economy is rising, but still the US more than doubles its income despite less than 1/3 the population.

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Tied Positions: The powerhouse vs. The underdog
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Tied Positions: Spin off of name and video game reason vs. 'cause ima theif
Winning Position: no

About Me

""There is such a thing as being too proud to fight""

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Name: Connor 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States

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