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RSS Samwich

Reward Points:15
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1 point

I just like to lay around, watching the waves and getting a tan.

0 points

Usually I like waffles, but sometimes if I'm really hungry I like pancakes because they fill you up more. I hardly ever eat either one though :(

0 points

I like country music! And some rock.

0 points

I think that might be a distraction. Would they let the Pope where his big hat if he were still in school?

-1 points

Sure! Who doesn't wanna just walk up and kill someone they don't like? (joke)

Don't ninjas already have a license to kill?

2 points

I think that it should apply to everyone. Why do they need so much money? I understand raising a family, and living a nice life, but I don't like when people are making more in one year than they can spend in a lifetime!

Stop being so greedy and give me some!

me, me, me!


0 points

I don't know who said that, a general or something? I think way more people are afraid of being inadequate. Who is it that has all this power that they have to be afraid?

Anyway, I guess it could be a warning not to abuse power or something.

7 points

I think so. Laws are put there for a reason. It's not like our borders are closed, people can get here lawfully, why should we allow them to break the law?

2 points

I don't think Euthanasia is anything like murdering people. If someone's in a lot of pain, and they're is no escape, and they want to die, letting them is just the nice thing to do. I don't understand the religious idea that it's somehow murder. I believe in God and the Bible, but I've never seen anything that would make me think that Euthanasia breaks any commandment.

1 point

I don't really feel bright enough to participate here, but I just think there's a God because I like the idea. I know there's no proof, and I know people who say they talked to God or whatever are probably crazy. I just think it's a nice idea. Sorry :(

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About Me

"Just looking around"

Biographical Information
Name: Samantha 
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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