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RSS Santanalg

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1 point

Listen closely, First of all God would not send a child to hell, however, there does come a time though that a child becomes responsible and aware of right and wrong, now I cannot tell you what age that would be but in my opinion I believe it might be anywhere from the age of 9-14 and again that is just my opinion...

and for your 411 on unforgivable sin: there is such a thing and that is to deny God's existence and the Salvation and Resurrection He of Jesus Christ our Lord...

1 point

Well if you want to believe you came from MONKEY, so be it...

I on the other hand am a child of GOD and thus I shall return to Him in the end of my life... Where will you be going (TO MONKEY HEAVEN)??????

2 points

That is because you are blind to the facts around you, you must seek Him in the Spiritual way and not from a human stand point. Humans are ignorant to this fact because they do not know that we are Spirit living in this decaying fleshly form. When you die and you will ONE DAY you will find out... I just hope it is not to late for you... THERE YOU GO -- NOW YOU CANNOT BOAST THAT YOU WAS NOT DISPUTED...

2 points

The evidence is all around you AND within you to acknowledge this truth, but you choose to ignore it, God gave us the ability to choose our path, He does not interfere with your free will. If He wanted puppets He would have created us as such, the suffering you are talking about comes at the hands of men (humans) because of greed, lust, deception, bottom line, SIN, and we are very sinful to our nature...

God is sovereign, Loving, compassionate ALL knowing and JUST...

God Bless you and I hope he opens up your mind to Him...

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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