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RSS Sarik152

Reward Points:26
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2 points

We can't really define a "girly sport". We can deem sports "manly", though (e.g football, rugby,etc.)

1 point

Ripping a hole in your neck with one's teeth, while getting neck broken, in a pool being dunked in and out of the water, eventually drowning.

2 points

Only if you pass a test of competence (for under-18s), because I know someone who has his own political standpoint and why that is under the age of 16. He doesn't just go, "I VOTE FOR OBAMA! Why? Because." he goes, "Well, 'Dubya' was creating jobs before 2007, and Obama started creating jobs in 2010-11 because we were in a crisis, and ironically, we were lowered to AA in 2011, not 2008.

2 points

WTF? This is a dumb joke. You trolling, or are you a pedophile? Screw you, just get your ass off this site.

2 points

Only in horseplay. The child might get serious and be sent to his room because he knocked a guy's tooth out.

sarik152(26) Clarified
2 points

How do you edit the debate? I will try to change it to secularism.

2 points

I did mean secularism, not atheism. I could not find any other more useful term for secularism. We should not be saying, "There is no god!" in public, because that is blasphemy in some people's religion.

0 points

We should only use guns in the military, police, etc. but otherwise, only for hunting. If you absolutely need a gun, then get one. If you are a Blood, or a Crip, etc. don't get a gun. Do you want to stay life in prison? No. We should learn the three rules of gun safety (don't point to the face, unloaded, unlocked, and no bullets around when not being used, and don't touch the trigger unless ready to shoot.)

sarik152(26) Clarified
1 point

With children under 6, they may scream loud and be destructive, and you may be asked to leave. It should be fine in the checkout aisle to be kind to them if they have been good, but otherwise, NO!

1 point

You should not because you have not purchased the item, so it is shoplifting. You may not even buy the item, also shoplifting. It is uncommon that this happens, but it happens.

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Andrew Benecchi
Gender: Dude
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist

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