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RSS Sauh

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1 point

Joe-Bob, the son of Bob the-eternal-salesman, the-sub genius-messiah, bringer-of-interstellar truths....

1 point

Agreed. You're not making rock any better; you are just making Christianity worse.

1 point

I prenatally wished to have the Ebola when I was delivered. It, sadly turns out that I tested negative; can I sue the doctor who delivered me for malpractice? They must have don't something wrong to keep me from having my desired infection.

Anyone who knows of a lawyer that specializes in medical suits, or only class action suits of this nature, please let me know.

1 point

The commissary. To reach 50 characters, I'll also say people have different metabolism.

1 point

It was in the best interest of the plantation owners to keep their slaves fed and healthy (for the time). And many slave owners were reasonable kind to them (again for the time); which is why after they were freed many slaves stayed on at the plantation as a share cropper, where they would do the same exact thing before they were freed and share the profits with the people who owned the land they worked.

You are confusing social/ethical standards of today with those from a time you cannot imagine living in.

If you want to get indignant about slavery, try talking about the Chinese brought over to build the railroads, now that was fucked up.

1 point

What are you talking about? The south was where the farming was done to supply the cities in New England. Do you think that cotton, corn and tobacco were grown in New York City?

1 point

First, the Christians read the whole of a communication and take into consideration that the writer might be being sarcastic and or facetious before responding; like the Bible commands.

Also change your profile pic because your God demands it.

sauh(1106) Clarified
1 point

That clarifies. I think we agree that people should be educated about any firearm they are liable to come across. The education should be stepped up as a child grows up and/or is more likely to come across a weapon.

1 point

So that would make every United states of America citizen a traitor, or descendant there of; since that is exactly what happened when the Colonies declared independence from the British Empire. If anything it makes the confederacy super American.

Defend that.

1 point

No, because he is no longer president and can (according to current U.S. law ever be president again) so the question is completely irrelevant. Discuss shit that it might be, however unlikely, possible to effect.

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