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RSS Savannahwaug

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Against Deal The nuclear deal made with Iran is a bad deal that helps Iran. Although Iran has many restrictions, it does not make them stop anything. It also lifts their sanctions, making billions of dollars available to Iran. Iran can use this money to support their ongoing war with our ally Israel. This deal benefits Iran, providing more money to support their radical ideology that the US should be fighting against.

2 points

The Articles of Confederation simply gives the states too much power. With the power to tax, deny the central governments requests, and print their own money, the states ran their governments to the ground. Even the people rebelled against their own state governments because the states had too much power over them. To fix this we to scratch the Articles and bring in the Constitution. The Constitution will give the powers to the central government that are needed in order to save the country. With the Constitution, the federal government can fix the currency chaos, the war debt, and put down rebellions with a strong standing army.

1 point

If your goal is to protect the American people, attacking North Korea would do the exact opposite. North Korea said they would attack us only attacked them, so why would you provoke them by going in on North Korea? We also did not defeat them during the Korean war, so we could defeat them now, especially with their new nuclear weapons.

1 point

(4) The United States has long had tension with North Korea that has recently come to a peak. North Korea has progressed its nuclear program very quickly, and they now have an ICBM that could reach the United States. After recent threats from the North Korean government, people have been pushing Trump to do some thing about the threats. I think the best way to handle this tricky situation is to pull out of the Korean peninsula completely. North Korea has told the U.S. "if YOU attack the US, we will attack you", so the last thing we should do is go after them. Many people have suggested that we try negotiating with North Korea, however, history shows that appeasement and waiting never go well. The most logical option is to pull out of the Korean peninsula completely, showing North Korea that we are not there to harm them and end our deal with South Korea and Japan. Pulling our troops out of the peninsula would save us, the American people, money and show the North Korean government that we have no means of war.

Supporting Evidence: just come home (
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