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This would be a touchy subject and i'm suprised that many people that are religous have not been arguing this case. I would tell the child that heaven existed if thye previously believe in it. I wouldn't want to see the child die without hope, since that it is one major reason why people live.

1 point

Ew are you kidding me, if you wear velcro shoes, and your over the age of 6. Then dont show your face.

1 point

I'm pretty sure that immigrants and migrants are the same thing. I've looked it up in the dictionary and on the online dictionary and they mean;

migrant - traveler who moves from one region or country to another

immigrant -a person who comes to a country where they were not born in order to settle there

Christmas island is a place for refugees and boat people. Some may be migrants but they are illegal. These people have run away from their own countries or chosen to leave because of the problems over there.

"Migrants usually arrive with the intent of settlement, in order to prepare for work." Usually doesn't mean all. And this is an assumption. If you could provide evidence of this and then show it this would make me believe your argument a little.

1 point

Migrants can be old to. They can bring young skills - yes, talents - yes and they'll benefit the country - maybe.

Why do we want migrants to take our jobs anyway. We have plenty of children in school these days that want jobs, they have new talents, they have skills and they are here already. Why not teach these kids to better at there skills so they can have these jobs. Instead of introducing people from other countries, why don't we train our young.

Our young Australian talents can benefit ASustralia as well!

1 point

A migrant is someone that chooses to go to another country or place. They make there own dicision, they are not forced. (definition from a dictionary.)

The first fleet was about convicts going some place else because there wasn't any enough room in the prisons. A large majority were convicts who were forced. Then there were soldiers and comanders who were forced as well, because the convicts needed to be overseen and then a minimal amount of citizens chose to come to Australia for there own benefits.

A have to repeat that it was a large majority of convicts that came and they were forced.

So are we really built on the backs of migrants???

1 point


I'm doing this debate and these are some of the things i have come up with some of my friends and family.

we should accept far fewer migrants because of;

- culture differences

- loss of national identity (do we have one?)

- terrorism risk (we don't know who they are and what they do)

- quarantine (some of the boat people never go through it)

- why Australia and not other countries???

if you could help elaborate on these. it would be great...


1 point

'A national Internet filter system's purpose is not to block a whole lot of websites but to create a safer environment on the Internet by modifying inappropriate sites'

How would you know this is the case. Do you work for the government? Because the last I heard - they have not even spoke about what they're going to block and whether they're going to just 'edit' things out. If websites are taken away for good, there could be a lot of reasons why, not just that it is inappropriate.

'And most of these blockages are only blocked temporarily until suitable changes are made.'

What happens if the web maker decides not to change the 'offensive' material on the site? What is the government classifying 'offensive' as?

There are just to many questions unanswered!

1 point

The government has done the same thing for the Chinese. Yet when you hear about the citizens they can't even type in 'freedom'. Australia is known as a country to be a free for all to have a say in what they believe in. If the government begins something like this, it will show they distrust us and most off all they will take our freedom away. Even this website could be taken away because of some of the issues brought up in it.

Anyway, we have the choice of going on these sites -a choice - is when someone makes a decision about something. So if they choose to go on a website, they are entitled to see and read what ever is there and suffer any consequences that may arise.

We are on a school team that will be debating this subject tomorrow and we are obviously on the negative team :D

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