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RSS Selmab99

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1 point

But this statement assumes (or at least appears to assume) that Muslim beliefs consist predominantly of wanting to kill people.

No. This statement assumes that disturbed people are turning Islam into a violent religion that gives them the right to kill people. But that doesn't mean Muslim beliefs consist in wanting to kill people, they're just used as an excuse.

in developed societies all of these religions function mostly without violence. In non-developed countries all of these religions are used to promote violence and death. Hence, the common denominator is not Islam, it is international development.

I don't understand how international development has anything to do with people's religious beliefs and the psychological problems that lead them to committing crimes. Most developed countries nowadays are secular, meaning that the exercise of religion is not influenced by the country's policies. People believe what they want to believe, and if they are troubled enough to use religion to justify killings and death, they'll do it regardless of the level of development of their country. In fact, there are French people who go on to become djihadists just like, say, their Moroccan counterparts. There are people who can be influenced by this kind of indoctrination in every country, no matter how developed it is.

4 points

Of course not! Twitter shutting down someone's profile because they disagree with them is like a president stopping a newspaper article from being published because it is against his opinions. Just like twitter accounts are under the control of Twitter, who technically owns them; newspapers are under the control of the president, because he's in charge of all matters regarding the country. Only freedom of speech must be taken into account in both cases.

1 point

What kind of religion says that?

That is just me expressing an opinion. I have the right to believe that this is wrong, that is basic freedom of speech. You can't deny me the right to speak my mind, just like I can't deny them the right to do whatever they want to do with their life. And that's exactly why I said that although I disagree with what they're doing (in principle), I do agree with society letting them do it, because they have the right to.

2 points

I didn't say that Islam was the problem. On the contrary. I said people were the problem, and religion has nothing to do with the fact that there are people out there looking for recognition and ways to gain it, because they are troubled and feel rejected by society. And nowadays, they find that claiming they're muslims gives them a legitimate excuse to act upon their beliefs and start killing people.

selmab99(7) Clarified
1 point

I do agree that gay marriage is wrong and that it's just not meant to be this way. It's not only a matter of religion, since it seems to me that because gay couples can't procreate, it is absurd for them to start a family and act like real couples.

But unfortunately, you can't change the way people are, just like you can't change the way society is. Even though I don't support gay relationships, I don't see why I wouldn't be in favor of the law being on their side, just like the law is on the side of anybody who uses their freedom of speech to voice their opinion, no matter how criticized it is. If gay people want to marry, let them marry, simply because they have the freedom to do whatever they want with their life and their body. But what I strongly disagree with is advertising for it, through TV shows and movies, which in the end makes it a normal thing even for children. Conservative parents have the right to want an education for their kids that is devoid of this kind of moral values.

1 point

I think abolishing religion would be a huge mistake because it is essential for society to function. Fundamentally, religion enables people to form certain values that are benefitial to society. They are taught not to steal, not to murder, to help people in need ... But religion is also something that people hold on to, because it enables them to find rational and logical explanations to questions they have been wondering about since they were kids, such as why we're on Earth. They feel like they have somebody that looks out for them whenever they believe in God, and in the end, it only makes them more optimistic.

2 points

Firstly, the practice of Islam is based upon the Quran which is a sacred book, so you can't just change what's in it and expect people to follow the new rules you have set for them. Hence it doesn't seem possible to reform Islam, it's just absurd.

Secondly, I think the fact that people are abusing Islam has not much to do with the religion itself, but rather with the people themselves, who need something to legitimate their beliefs and who are given the opportunity to use a religion to rebel against society and let out their anger.

Therefore, I think reforming Islam to stop the abuse is not the solution, because the main values of Islam-or of any other religion-have nothing to do with the awful things that people are doing in its name.

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