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RSS Shaleenx

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4 points

I am not writing this as an Indian citizen but as a common person. I don't think that India can develop as no one cares for developing India and making it a more civilised but of just earning money, capturing power, etc. which Govt. employees do and many big businessmen and professionals do. As former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has rightly said in his book, Ignited Mind's preface, that the book is all about breaking away from the forces that would prefer India to remain a nation of a billion people selling cheap labour in and raw materials and providing a large market for goods and services of other nations. We are just providing cheap labour and a big market for other countries. Today, we cannot be totally called self-sufficient. And I don't think this will stop ever. I know that you will say that even USA is not self-sufficient but still it is leading the world, but I think that is not the point, because atleast It is not providing cheap labour in other countries and work in their own countries. People of India just believe in earning good money, not for developing and civilising their own country.

3 points

Well Excuse me for that but I don't think that only self-confidence is missing but many things like understanding among each of us (as said by joecavalry), hard-work which people don't do (because govt. provides them free services, etc. instead of providing them good education, not only schools till the elementary education); better health facilities (not hose dirty, irregular govt. dispensaries of municipal hospitals, so that people do not fall ill regularly and make others also ill); training in skilled works, like motor repairing, painting, etc in schools to some students who want to opt for that and teach them these skills so that they can do something in their life to at least earn their living themselves, so govt. doesn't need to provide free useless facilities to them, but the current education system is just producing 'Jacks of all, But Masters of none'.)

So now, do you really think that we have everything but self-confidence? Oh sorry, I forgot to discuss about corruption, which is the main component which keeps India from developing. The money given by the central govt. for development of people (like schools, hospitals, etc.) or the physical area (roads, electric poles, etc.), finally goes into the pockets of some pious Indian Government Officials as black money. So now, what do you think????

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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