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1 point

Organs that have less use get reduced and also may get vanished during evolution. This is a general process that helps in evolution. Cattle don't have canines, and tigers don't have the chewing teeth. The appendix in our large intestine is surgically removed because it doesn't have any role in nullifying the effects of harmful bacteria as it did in the ancestors of our species

1 point

That's a joke. Thanks for entertaining. SLAUGHTER OF VEGETABLES.

1 point

Our canines are reduced. That means we should only eat flesh when no other option is available.

1 point

No. Before buying flesh from the market we should think how much pain the animal would have suffered, and we are going to promote that.

1 point

Yes. At least in India. People should have only two children: one girl and another boy. In many families people continue reproducing. This is the familiar in the case of slums. They think more people in a family would account for more jobs and hence money.

1 point

The world has been insecure always, since ugly minds tend to disrupt the system under which the world runs. The largest example you could see in India where most of the political leaders try to get maximum momentary profit, even if the country proceeds towards doom. Due to God's grace good leaders like Narendra Modi is leading the parliament.

1 point

what image could a man set in a person's mind when his/her mind is dirt?

1 point

of course. In fact it's a weekly routine of mine. I get to such laughs at least once a week.

1 point

Islam is a religion of peace. It's exception that some people take it as a religion of violence. In every religion, there is some reason behind every thought or idea. It might have happened that when the holy book of Muslims, that is, kuran was written, there might be such situation for which a statement in it would have been made which is understood by some people incorrectly,that is, in connection to violence.

Therefore, according to me, whether Islam, or any other religion is a religion of peace and humanity.

1 point

superheros are surely misleading idols. they impress children by their ability to fly, jump higher, their power etc. then after children try to imitate them. this has led to serious accidents many times as children have jumped from buildings etc.

so superheros are misleading.

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About Me

"I am a high school boy living in Patna.I am fond of music, literature, spirituality etc."

Biographical Information
Name: shashwat tiwari
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: India
Postal Code: 800014
Religion: Hindu
Education: High School

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