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Clinton is following old terrorism, and Obama is following new terrorism.

Supporting Evidence: Clinton Heils Hitler (
3 points

Susan Collins has demonstrated that she will not make a decision about troop withdrawal until enough information is provided. Tom Allen just wants to rush everything, and not take the time to make sure that troops can be removed safely. It is not just the people of Iraq that will be in danger if we withdrawal too fast.

4 points

Congressman Pearce sponsored a bill to offer incentives to military personnel that are ready to retire. The members of the Armed Forces that opt to stay in to receive the incentives will be given non-combat positions. If you were a member of the Armed Forces about to retire, and you would be guarantied to not face anymore combat, would you stay in? How much of an incentive would you need?

4 points

Most of Steve Pearce's energy bills are revolving around different fuel methods. Pearce recently sponsored a bill to help Americans bare the financial burden of the natural fuel. To solar panel a house is around $18,000, which is the equivalent of another car, most people cannot afford that. Will the tax benefits be enough for people to convert?

4 points

Tom Udall has pointed the finger to the Bush Administration for the gas price inflation. He has openly stated that this issue will cause instability the United States. This is all information that anybody who watches the news would be qualified to publicly stated. He has not illustrated what method(s) he would use. What makes him Senate material?

4 points

Steve Pearce is supportive of the Iraq War. Pearce's website highlight tactical changes like closing the border, and he argues the instability and genocide that will ensue should we with drawl our troops. One of the items he does not raise is the financial aspect. Will he assist next term's President if Iraq troop with drawl is determined?

2 points

Tom Udall is fast to point the finger to the obvious gas price issue, but he does not state what he will do about it. What method(s) should he suggest to relieve gas price issues?

Winning Position: Udall's Answer to Gas Prices!

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