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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

We clearly need a figure who can enstill fact against fraud.

Why would he care for America's values if he is of not origin here? Your statement is false and easily destroyed with logic.

2 points

That's fairly true, of course Andy is in position of his own. It'd just be nice to support factual arguments. Illogical thoughts are up to the user but it should be corrected.

I see your logic and reason but quite simply what we think we are of knowing now can be looked at as stupid 2,000 years from now from a different group of individuals. So you really have to ask yourself. Do we truly know beyond our capability?

2 points

What I'm trying to state is that a formal debate is clearly that.... formal debate. I believe that if claims are being made truth and fact is a necessity for it's foundation of truth. Do you agree or disagree with the idea of a Political figure for this site?

2 points

I believe God exists for those who believe he exists in their faith. We cannot automatically claim Science fact though, because most 'truth' in science is simply a theory not a proven fact just some options that can potentially support the idea of such. I remain neutral.

Absolutely not, we can only assume that users have multiple accounts it's an assumption not fact. IF we do in fact acquire a leader what will happen to other open positions that consists with that choice? Exactly. Let's all stick to the guidelines and be logical.

Bullying is Bullying and it doesn't matter in which form it is exercised but we cannot go out of our way and claim that bullies deserve harsh punishment for WRONG decisions. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right therefore this debate should be an easy choice NO ONE DESERVES HARSH PUNISHMENT FOR MISTAKES. By even considering or supporting bullying to a bully is in fact BULLYING!

2 points

Yes, because truth can always be what it is. Truth. Those who're caught up on who should I trust or who I shouldn't is just a joke, and causes annoyance.

2 points

Obama definitely no doubt about this subject. Romney only seeks to treat America like a business he own to gain profit out of. We do not need another Republican President that will repeat George Bush's policies that ruined the very foundation of American society. Fascism, Racism, and Bigoted tenedencies is Mitt Romney in a nutshell to even consider otherwise is idiocy and the definition of an oxymoron.

Winning Position: Pro-Political Figure

About Me

"I'm a dedicated Democrat who is here for formal debate."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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