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10 most recent arguments.

But... I mean ... shouldn't that be a given on a debate site like this?

Im not bashing excon, I don't know this person - I just find it an odd reason to have respect for someone.

The other disturbing thing is, it LOOKS like Trump KNEW he was exposed and still had a fundraiser in Bedminster, NY.. That would make him guilty of manslaughter..

Only if actual people died. You can't charge a manslaughter without specific dead people.

Im aware of that, but unless Trump dies before the election, then pence takes over his next term as well.

He's not going to die within a month. Covid19 doesn't work that fast. People are sick for weeks and months.

shoutoutloud(4303) Clarified
1 point

On the other hand I don't really think being airlifted to a hospital gives you that much of an advantage. I could take a 10 minute cabride to the hospital right now myself.

shoutoutloud(4303) Clarified
1 point

they weren't doing that. They were trying to calculate trumps chances, specifically.

If by debating you mean preaching propaganda, then yes he might be on the list of top debaters of all time, right after Hitler and Mussolini.

shoutoutloud(4303) Clarified
1 point

I actually think 10-20% sounds very fair. That gives him extremely good odds, despite his age and weight.

shoutoutloud(4303) Clarified
1 point

Those are some calculations I saw on a danish newsite, it was developed by the university of copenhagen. I don't know if they factored in his access to health care, but it would definitely be an odd parameter to leave out.

It is estimated that there is about 10-20% chance that the president will die from this virus - the factors you considered included.

That means that there is 80-90% chance that he's going to survive.

However... let's say he does die from the virus. That would mean Pence would take over his presidency for the remainder part of his terms - including the term he wins (if he does win)

So I don't think Trump dying from the virus at all ensures Bidens presidency. Probably ensures Pence's presidency, if anything.

Which constitution ?

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Winning Position: Creationism
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