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RSS Shoutoutloud

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10 most recent arguments.

Lol, what a lame and pathetic excuse for losing a debate. Im glad you agree you are wrong about a lot though.

I don't know the numbers of the city, but the country has just under 6000 who tested positive, of those almost 2000 don't have it any longer.

Population: 5.6 mil

shoutoutloud(4227) Clarified
1 point

I wasn't talking about diabetes dumb fuck. Where did I say diabetes? Diabetes is caused by animal fat:

You know what, following your statement with a youtube link just isn't that convincing. Sorry.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death. Is that because of carbs too?

In many cases, yes. A diet too rich in carbs causes obesity, obesity causes all kinds of health issues, including heart disease.

Exactly you retarded fuck, I want to take away their consumer base all together and thus stop them from murdering animals,

That's not what you said before? You said some should be able to eat it, that have deficiencies of some sort. Now you're contradicting yourself.

Tell me why you think that, I literally will bet you 7000 dollars I can prove it is logically inconsistent.

Because we dominate this planet.

It sure would appear that way. It's actually caused by RNA from animal protein.

Alright, this statement proved to me that you aren't too smart. And you can't really talk to dumb people, because they neither listen or understand. So goodbye pretty, have a nice day <3 Keep your 7000 dollars and adopt yourself a baby panda, honey.

shoutoutloud(4227) Clarified
2 points

Exactly. Furthermore as a species we are very diverse. The eastern-asian diet is very high in carbohydrates, and genetics say that their bodies can process all those carbohydrates better than people in other places. For instance the people of Greenland, whose main source for food is meat, often very fat and even fermented meat. Their digestive systems are also different, because we don't just evolve as a species - we also evolve according to the conditions we live under. Therefore a healthy diet in east-asia is very different from a healthy diet in Greenland.

Also by mentioning Greenland that poses another difficulty in the world turning vegetarian - where would they grow their food? Should they import it all? Financially speaking that's not sustainable - probably not sustainable either considering all the oil it would take to feed 55,000 people every day with imported goods. Greenland is a large country, you can't travel by car - what happens when the imported goods arrive in Nuuk? Do they helicopter everything to the rest of the people?

You just know that people like that guy .. Vegpolice are born and raised in a big city and have NO sense of reality outside that bigcity bubble.

shoutoutloud(4227) Clarified
1 point

You are objectively wrong. It is established science that humans can be healthy on a vegan diet

Actually, no - Im not objectively wrong. You are assuming that our definitions of "healthy" are the same. The word "healthy" is a subjective term, and therefore there are a lot of ways to be healthy. Furthermore I'd like to see your sources on that statement.

The only people who have an excuse are those who need it to survive which only applies to a rare few

Those are not that rare and few. Diabetes is one of the most common diagnosis in the world. Plus - When you say that it is okay for some people to consume meat for health reasons, then you are keeping the meat industry alive. Which brings me back to my original argument: If you want to improve the industry, they won't listen to you if you are a vegetarian - why would they? You are not their costumer. Instead demand better product, buy local and organic. That's how you change the world.

All of those are actually caused by animal products.

LOL?? Glycogen storage disease is a genetic disease - do some research yourself.

We are currently using up land to grow crops to feed to the 9 billion cows that we eat, you insanely stupid murdering fuckbag.

Exactly? So if we all turned vegetarian, all the herbivore species would die because there is not enough food for them.

You just want to be self important and pretend that humans matter more because you are one of them.

That is very true. I don't deny this. I do consider humans to be a superior species, and I will treat it as such.

That's not propaganda or fake news. That is absolute truth. Just like women's breasts hurt when they haven't breastfed in a while, a cow is in pain as well when it's full of milk. It's basically a breastpump :)

shoutoutloud(4227) Clarified
1 point

Animals eat other animals to survive, humans don't even NEED to eat meat to survive or be healthy.

I disagree, I absolutely think humans need animal meat to be healthy. There are even some people with diseases like Glycogen Storage Disease, diabetes, IBS and many more that definitely suffer from an all-carbohydrate diet only.

Furthermore there is not enough land on earth to grow enough food for the 7.2 billion people that live here. There are 25,000 people that die of starvation a day. A DAY. And over 3 million children die of starvation a year. I can't imagine what those numbers would be, if such a major food source as animal meat is, would be taken away.

I know you love your cat and all that, that's great. Personally I value the health and lives of human beings.

shoutoutloud(4227) Clarified
1 point

Yes. It happens all around us in nature. Humans aren't the only one's feeding on animals, you know? :)

shoutoutloud(4227) Clarified
1 point

Yeah, I agree .

shoutoutloud(4227) Clarified
1 point

That would be a good idea, but there are some things that make such a legislation difficult.

First of all when one state, let's say as an example the UK, when they make a legislation demanding certain standards of production, one of two things happen.

1. The international producers that import goods to the UK meet the standards, by changing their ways of production.

2. The international producers simply stop selling their production to the UK.

Most likely, when it comes to a small country standing alone, the latter will happen. So either a country has to gain some allies, like maybe the EU, to put a greater force on international producers of meat - OR the UK just has to suffer economically. Which is usually not a popular decision to make as a politician.

The easiest way would be to change the market from the buttom up - because the producers will change their ways of production if their product doesn't sell. That's why I think veganism and vegetarianism is a terrible idea. Instead of boycutting meat, why not boycut the producers that make the industry such a horrible place for animals?

If more people bought local and more organic products, more producers would change their methods to meet that demand.

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