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RSS Shu_yi

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1 point

Look, honey. Whoever created this debate. You really don't understand. Okay, what you need to hear is the gospel.God is love. He is. But he also gave us free will. He didn't want us to be robots, like

All powerful God:HEY YOU!DO THIS!

unworthy human:yes, of course, without question, my lord

NO he didnt want us to be like that.So he gave us freedom to choose. to either follow him, or to disobey Him and suffer the consequences. He allowed us to choose, you see. and he allowed us to choose to do the wrong thing.(this is, i guess, what u mean by God allows evil) dont get me wrong: he does not like it when we choose wrongly. in fact it makes him extremely sad. but he allowed it to happen.and it did. adam and eve, from the very beginning, chose wrongly, therefore they had to suffer the consequences and be sent away from the garden of eden.(this must be what u mean by punish)

and humans continued to sin. the consequence for sin, u see, is death. But God didnt want us to suffer eternal death in hell. he loved us way too much. but he couldnt just be like, okay, so i love you, so no one has to die. he is a just and fair instead of us dying, he gave us his son, Jesus,who is holy and sinless,to die in ALL places instead. and Jesus did.

Thats why, if u believe that Jesus died for u and saved u from an eternal death, and u confess that to God, u can have this eternal life.

and thats the gospel.

1 point

NO. Why would it be?It constantly talks about love from God to us, love from us to others.And the fruit of the Spirit:LOVE, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self control. Where do you hear negative in there.Sure, in the Bible it does say that God took out his anger and killed many people.But it was his righteous anger. And don't just look at those parts, there are many many places in the Bible where it talks about God's love.

Please don't think that Christianity is a hateful or violent religion.We don't even break out in wars. Please. And have you ever experienced God's powerful love for yourself?You can't say anything if you havent.Plus, christianity isn't JUST a religion. Its also a relationship.Between Christians and God.It's a Father/child relationship.

Don't don't think christianity is hateful or violent. Before you judge, go to a church. Experience God's love for yourself. It'll be like nothing you could ever imagine.

1 point

The Bible is not a boring book. People only look at the many words in the Bible and they think:oh man theres no way i can read that.Then when they start reading, their heart isn't really in it and therefore, the Holy Spirit cannot work in their hearts and provide them understanding. Then they just see the Bible as a huge chunk of meaningless words and think its really boring.See the process?

But if you soften your heart and open it towards the word of God, im telling you, you will understand everything and you will definitely like it. You will even want to read on. And it will be very meaningful for you because at the end, you will be touched and you will learn a 'moral of the story'-which is whatever God wants to teach you through his word.

Here are some morals:

1.God loves you. He loves you A LOT

2.You are the righteousness of God because of Jesus. He took on your sins, and you took on His righteousness

3.To all students: Were you ever scared that God would give you horrible marks for your exam because you lied?you stole?you sinned?I thought that at one time. But God will never do that.He will be very very VERY sad(understatement), but he will not condemn you. He has already took out all His righteous anger on Jesus, when He died for everyone's sins

4.There are SO MANY MORE i could go on and on, but why don't you try out yourself?Just open urself up to God's word, pray for understanding, and read along with the Holy Spirit.

1 point

No, i do not think shopping at the mall will be replaced by online shopping. It is true that some people like shopping in the comfort of their homes, as they can compare more prices faster, purchase their items faster, without any long queues. But many others like going to shopping malls to shop. It is mostly for the enjoyment , the fun of trying fancy clothes and shoes on.People also like to go out shopping with their friends, sometimes so they can get a friend's opinion, immediately, on the item they would like to purchase.Or some people look at shopping as a way to get new clothes and to spend quality time with their friends.There might also be better discounts when shopping in the mall.There might even be those one day sales which you cannot get online. While shopping, maybe something catches your eye, and you really like it.You were not specifically looking for it, but you see it, you buy it, and you don't regret it. That's another advantage of shopping at the mall. You can also consult the salesperson immediately if you have a question about an item. In conclusion,I don't think shopping at the mall will be replaced by online shopping anytime soon, and for evidence, just drop by any mall. There are always people around, and that number doesn't seem to be dwindling.

3 points

Yes, He has to exist. Look at all the Christians. They always talk about miracles and how things happened that couldn't possibly happen. There has to be SOMEone who does all that. It has to be God. I don't think it's possible that things like this just happen, just like that. Plus, the Bible is a book from God. And there is a lot of history and everything inside it. And it has been proven that the history is true. Therefore, i believe God exists.

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