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RSS Simsoy

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3 points

but we already have straight marriage! By that means because you support Straight marriage, then you must also support:




Homosexual marriage

(marriages is only and ever only should be between 2 people who love each other and can support each other financially and emotional, that would rule out Paedagamy, Zoophyligamy, Necragamy; you can't prove a Horse loves-loves you)

3 points

gays are born, not turned. Gay people cant make more gay people and they alwasy would be the minority. Look at Canada or places where gays are aloud to marry, i havent herd on the news: canada's population gone!

2 points

there is no such thing as Heterosexual relation ship and homosexual relationship, its all a relationship. Your logic makes no sense. Love = Love, 2 people = 2 people.

5 points

Yes, Marriage is more like Person (1) + Person (1) = Married Couple (2). Basic math. After all, we people are all the same.

1 point

KKK and Neo-Nazis are RIGHT WING extremist. A communist would be a left wing extremist

1 point

I agree and disagree. I have met a lot of very conservative people (hinging on the point of racism and bloodlust) and some of them just copy and paste what they said or just refraise what they said with things already disproved and such. I personally research every thing that comes my way in politics and try to get both sides of the argument from the extream on one side and the extream of the other then the middle. Only then i can know what to do. Some Christans are also very aragant (im a Deist, someone who looks at God from a scientific angle) i have met alot of christains bashing gay people, black people, forgin people, Jews and Muslims for not being American or Christain. Many athiest are douches but they make a more factual argument than those who make one based on a really old book.

1 point

i say conservatives. They don't want gay people to get marred and stuff. No reason other than dislike of them. In the past they have been against Rights for African Americans, Women and such. Its easy to be a racist and be a republican at the same time than it it to be a racist democrat because democrats believe that all people are equal and racism says that one is the best.

4 points

In other countries where Gay Marriage is legal they have none of that and none of those are pushed. I doubt many people would support any of those even if gay marriage was legal.

1 point

i agree. I'm more... neutral on this topic. But i believe that if you fall in to special circumstances, you have the right to abort.

1 point

but they were on the verge of surrendering. I maybe we should of dropped on bomb and blockaded the nation.

About Me

"I'm still in high school but in very interested in politics and stuff, but i do not cadmium randomly yelling, the best way to know whats what is to know all the sides and combine the best of both of 'em."

Biographical Information
Name: Sim Soy
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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